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Fishing in Port Fairy

It’s easy to overlook Port Fairy at first glance, but this seaside town in southern Victoria is home to some excellent fishing. What appears to be a sleepy village long past its heyday used to boast world-renowned Shark fishing, made ever-more popular by the blockbuster film Jaws. When game fishing for Great Whites became illegal, curious spectators left and this town fell off the map.

It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that Port Fairy started gaining attention again for some impressive catches, including the elusive Mulloway (Kob) and giant Bluefin Tuna. Port Fairy fishing charters can’t guarantee record-breaking catches on every trip, but they’re sure to be unforgettable in other ways.

Known For

Reef Fishing

Reef fishing is a year-round activity in Port Fairy, from inshore reefs and rocky coastline to the continental shelf offshore. Half day trips (5 hours) will take you to the inshore reefs, where you can catch species like Kingfish, Snapper, Trevally, Flathead, Morwong, Snoek, Gummy Sharks, and Squid. Many of these fish bite throughout the seasons, but winter and spring tend to produce the best bottom fishing. A full day trip will take you to waters up to 100 m deep, where even more possibilities await. Offshore, you can add Nannygai, Mako Sharks, and Rock Cod to your list of target species.

Tuna Fishing

Bluefin and Albacore Tuna show up in March, drawing many charter boats out to Portland and the continental shelf beyond. These Tuna move closer to shore as winter rolls on, giving anglers the opportunity to catch them without traveling so far offshore. The peak season for these species lasts through May, but lucky anglers will continue catching them until September. 

Surf Fishing (East Beach)

Surf fishing from East Beach is the perfect way to get in a little practice before hopping aboard a local charter. This shore is known for some of the best surf fishing on Victoria’s south coast, where you can catch King George Whiting and Australian Salmon. In winter, the Salmon caught here can weigh up to 4 kg!

River Fishing

The Moyne River runs right through town and empties into the bay. You can catch a wide variety of game fish in these waters, including Black Bream, Yellow-eye Mullet, Perch, small Silver Trevally, and Mulloway on rare occasions. Warm summer nights offer the highest chances of hooking into Perch and the coveted Mulloway, while winter produces good Mullet fishing.

Need to Know

Getting There

Port Fairy is less than 300 km from Melbourne and easily accessible by car, train, or coach. You can rent a car upon arrival at the airport and drive along the iconic Great Ocean Road (5½ hours), or take the inland route if you would like to arrive sooner (3½ hours).

If you prefer to travel by train, just take the Warrnambool train from Southern Cross Station in Melbourne. Exit at Warrnambool station, where you’ll find connecting buses to Port Fairy.


Half day reef fishing trips cost AUD $1,400-$1,500 for a private charter, or $250 per person for a shared charter. Private full day reef trips cost around $2,000, while shared trips are usually about $250 per person.

Big game fishing trips for Tuna and monster Sharks last 8-10 hours. You can expect to pay $1,500-$2,100 for the boat, or join a shared charter for $300-350 per person.


Anglers age 18 and above must buy a Victoria fishing license before casting lines in Port Fairy. You can buy a license online, at the post office, or in local tackle shops. Be aware that size and bag limits apply to many local species, and you can’t always keep your catch. Port Fairy fishing charters and guides will help you follow regulations without any hassle.

Casting lines in Port Fairy is always bound to be productive. Who knows, you may even land the town’s next record-breaking catch!

Port Fairy Fishing Seasons


Summer is an excellent time to fish the reefs, when you’ll hook into Trevally, King George Whiting, Flathead, Gummy Sharks, and more!


When you’re not busy filling your cooler with fish from the reefs, check out the Moyne River for a change of pace. Perch fishing is excellent in summer, and you may even spot a Mulloway if you’re lucky!


Bluefin and Albacore Tuna are starting to appear out by the continental shelf. Some charter boats will move to Portland at this time of year to make the most of Tuna fishing season.


April is the season for heavy tackle fishing! Tuna, monster Sharks, Swordfish and more creatures of the deep are stalking the waters offshore.


It’s peak Tuna season this month, even as winter begins to set in. Action on the reefs is picking up momentum, as Snapper, Snoek, and other fish start biting more.


Winter is an excellent time to fish the Moyne River estuary for small Australian Salmon, Yellow-Eye Mullet, and Black Bream. Meanwhile, the reefs hold Garfish, Flathead, Whiting, and Rock Cod. 


Calm seas allow anglers to explore the offshore reefs at this time of year. Make the most of a quick trip and catch Snapper, Cod, and Flathead–or head out to the deep sea for Gemfish, Hapuka, and more.


Fishing close to shore will bring you Mullet, Salmon, and Whiting. Those in search of Tuna may still have some luck while fishing offshore. The reefs continue to provide Snapper, Rock Cod, and other treats. 


Spring is here, and the fishing will soon change with the season. Your chances of catching Tuna around Port Fairy grow slimmer by the day, but you can expect reef fishing to stay productive. 


Many anglers target Snapper in October, as the Tuna hype dies down and charter boats start heading back to Port Fairy. Along the coast, you can enjoy good fishing for Trevally, Whiting, and Salmon.


Bottom fishing is still very good in November, as spring transitions into summer. You can fish the reefs for Snapper and Flathead, or cast a line in the Moyne River for Whiting, Trevally, and more.


Many reef fish are at their peak when summer begins, including Pink Snapper, Queen Snapper, and Flathead. Kingfish are readily available, and you never know when you might hook into a monster Shark!

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