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  • 8-hour fishing trips – $300

A Portland fishing charter is your ticket to some of the best Tuna fishing off the south coast of Australia. Adrenaline junkies will have a field day fishing offshore, while those who cast a line closer to the coast can bring home a cooler full of excellent table fare. Come aboard and see what Victoria’s Discovery Coast has to offer!

Known For

You’ll find a variety of gamefish in Portland throughout the year, but Tuna are undoubtedly the highlight around here. Bluefin and Albacore Tuna start showing up in late March and stick around until September. As winter progresses, these fish move closer to shore and become available to anglers who are less inclined to journey out to the continental shelf. The Tuna fishing Portland has on its doorstep is so fantastic that skippers from other towns travel here just to get in on the action each year. Mako Sharks are another target for anglers, especially those who are all about chasing the adrenaline rush that comes with hooking into these massive, aggressive adversaries.

Bottom fishing around Portland produces Gummy Sharks, Kingfish (Yellowtail Amberjack), Snapper, and other tasty treats. Many of these fish reach their peak when Tuna are out of season and keep anglers busy through summer.

The brilliant thing about Portland fishing is that you can experience all of these opportunities on a standard 8-hour trip. For those who want to expand their possibilities, a 10-hour charter to the continental shelf (50km out) and beyond will do the trick. Out here you can catch Bluenose Warehou, Blue Grenadier, Gemfish, and more.

Freshwater anglers will be glad to know that there’s more to Portland than deep sea fishing. A variety of local waters host the likes of Trout, Murray Cod, and Golden perch. Bridgewater and Yambuk Lakes are a great place to start, or you can try your luck fishing in the Fitzroy, Surry, and Glenelg Rivers.

Need to Know


Anyone 18 years and older must purchase a Victoria fishing license before casting a line in Portland. You can buy your license in local tackle shops, service stations, the post office, or online.

Many local fish species have size and bag limits, and some may be closed to harvest at certain times. Be sure to ask about regulations before you go fishing, or hire a local guide who will help you follow the rules.


Whether you’re testing the waters for the first time or heading out to sea for your next trophy, there’s a Portland fishing charter for you. A standard big game fishing trip (8 hours) costs AUD $1,500-$2,100 for the boat, or AUD $300-350 per person if you join a shared charter. Longer excursions cost upwards of AUD $2,000.

Reef fishing trips are a great alternative for novice anglers or families traveling with young children. You’ll have your choice of 5-hour or 8-hour trips, which will keep you closer to shore than big game fishing charters. Private half day trips (5 hours) cost AUD $1,400-$1,500, while shared trips are usually less than AUD $200 per person. A full day trip costs about AUD $2,000, or AUD $250 per person.

Getting There

Conveniently located 353 km from Melbourne, you can reach Portland in a number of ways. If you’re flying into Melbourne first, you can hire a car, take a public coach, or board a train from there. If you decide to drive yourself, take the iconic Great Ocean Road and you’ll reach Portland in about 5 hours.

Once you’ve had your fill of driving along the Discovery Coast, you can head offshore to take in the view from another angle!

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It’s the height of summer in Portland, and the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot around here! Fishing for Kingfish can be excellent at this time of year, along with Snapper, King George Whiting, and more.


Average temperatures range from 15-21°C in February. Most of the angling action off the coast of Portland still involves Kingfish, Whiting, Snapper, Flathead, and other bottom fish. 


Tuna will start showing up offshore later this month, but most anglers won’t be able to catch them yet without heading out to the continental shelf. Swordfish are also beginning to reappear. 


Tuna season is in full swing in Portland! Bluefin and Albacore are the main attraction offshore, where anglers are also hooking into Mako Sharks, Kingfish, and Swordfish.


May is an excellent time for deep sea fishing in Portland. You can make the most of a dry spell by fishing for Tuna and monster Sharks when the winter rain lets up.


Tuna fishing is still at its height, and you can expect fairly good bottom fishing for Snapper, Flathead, and Gummy Sharks. Average temperatures are at their lowest, between 9-14°C.


The sea can be relatively calm at this time of year. A weak bite inshore is all the more reason to head out and see what the deep water has in store! Hapuka, Bluenose Warehou, Knife Jaw, and more await.


Shore anglers can enjoy fishing for Australian Salmon and Yelloweye Mullet in August. Cast your line in a sheltered bay using baits like pilchard and cockles for good light tackle action.


Freshwater anglers can enjoy excellent Trout fishing this month for. Cast dark flies, soft plastics, or hard-bodied lures into the floodwater for a trophy fish! Offshore, Tuna fishing will be coming to a close.


As Tuna take their leave, many visiting anglers and skippers will be heading out of town. Those who stay can enjoy excellent bottom fishing for Pink and Queen Snapper.


November is a great time to target Mulloway in the local rivers, or go bottom fishing nearshore for Flathead, Whiting, Snapper, and more. Average temperatures are heating up to 12-19°C.


Most Snapper you’ll catch at this time of year are relatively small, but you might hook some in the 3-6kg range while fishing offshore. Anglers occasionally catch 6-10kg fish in Portland Bay and the Lee breakwater.

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