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When it comes to charter fishing, Topsail NC is in a great position to take advantage of it. Located smack dab in the middle of what’s known as the Golden Coast, it’s home to some incredible fishing opportunities. Keep in mind that the local fishing hub is Topsail Beach on Topsail Island, rather than the town of Topsail that’s a few miles inland. The numerous Topsails have caused confusion among out-of-state anglers a number of times.

Known For

There are two main things you should be doing when you’re looking to fish Topsail Beach. The first is to check out all the creeks, marshlands, and flats that are dotted all over the island. The second option is to head out into the deep blue and either hit the nearshore reefs or the waters of the Gulf Stream. The latter, while especially rewarding, involves longer trips and is better suited for more experienced anglers.

Wherever your passions lie, Topsail Beach is sure to keep you very busy in both deep and shallow waters.

Inshore Fishing

The town lies on the southernmost end of Topsail Island, which has many more flat areas than the northern parts. This has made it very attractive for sight casting, especially in late fall. You’ll find plenty of Redfish, Bluefish, and other inshore species in popular hotspots like Black Mud Channel and Topsail Sound.

This part of the island is also a hit with surf anglers, both due to the sprawling beach as well as the vicinity of hotels and residential areas. The Topsail Beach Pier is another good choice for those anglers who prefer to keep their feet on solid ground.

Reef Fishing

The Golden Coast in general is a great place for it, but  Topsail Beach reef fishing really takes the cake! You won’t need to go much more than half a dozen miles to get some good bites going. Reefs like the AR 360 hold the likes of Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Black Seabass and more besides.

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing in this part of the East Coast involves going at least 60 miles offshore. These are long trips, so make sure you’ve got the time for such an adventure. If you do, look forward to big Mahi Mahi, White Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo, and more. We can safely say that this is the absolute best way to spend a day fishing in the summer if you’re a fan of a good angling fight.

Need to Know

While fishing is the main reason for anglers to visit Topsail Beach, it doesn’t have to be the only one. Be sure to check out the Missiles and More Museum and its many exhibits if you find the time for a mix of fun and education.


Anyone fishing with a licensed charter captain will have the necessary fishing licenses included in the price of the trip package. More importantly, the captain will know all about the local size and bag limits, allowing you to enjoy the fishing without any worry or fuss. If you plan on fishing from a pier, be sure to check whether the entrance fee covers the fishing license as well.


Inshore and nearshore prices tend to run around $100 per hour pretty much anywhere on Topsail Beach. Longer trips usually net a discounted rate, something to keep in mind when shopping for the best offer. Deep sea fishing trips are the only exception to this rule. They run for at least 10 hours and will set you back around $1,200–$1,300 for the whole group.

Getting There

Seeing as Topsail Beach is located on the southern end of Topsail Island, it comes as no surprise there’s only a single way of getting there. First, you’ll need to take the U.S. Route 17 (also known as the Coastal Highway) and make the switch to either NC 50 or NC 210. Both will take you to Surf City, after which it’s just a short ride southwest to Topsail Beach. It’s a very scenic route, so you’ll get a good look at the waters you’re about to fish in. Good luck and tight lines!

Topsail Beach
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Plenty of anglers will be spending the start of the year fishing for Tuna in the Gulf Stream. Bluefins will be the main target, and the trips are long but very rewarding.


Hurry up if you’re interested in fishing for Bluefin Tuna, as they won’t be around much longer. Bluefins and Blackfins are the order of the day.


Nearshore fishing is making a comeback in March, so you’ll be seeing more and more Kingfish in the local reefs. Definitely a good time for trolling action.


Bluefish are absolutely on fire this time of year, making any inshore trip a busy one. Add to that some Black Drum and Bonito, and spring fishing really starts to blossom.


Offshore fishing really starts hitting its stride around May. Deep sea fishing trips become very viable, but staying inshore is never a bad option either.


Trolling for Mahi Mahi, Marlin, and Sailfish has never been more fun! Summer is your chance to have an unforgettable time at Topsail Beach.


The summer bonanza continues in waters deep and shallow! It might be hot outside, but it’s more than worth it because the bite is absolutely on fire.


Fishing for Wahoo is especially good in August. If that’s not really your thing, there’s plenty of Billfish in the deep blue, as well as Yellowfin Tuna.


Peak offshore fishing is about to end soon, so be sure to have your fair share of adventure before it’s too late! Alternatively, inshore fishing is as good as it gets.


Schools of Redfish in the flats are a common sight this time of year. Deep sea fishing is less popular in October, with the exception of Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna trips.


Clear shallow waters make inshore fishing a treat during winter. A quick inshore trip is a great opportunity for you to test your casting skills against Redfish, Black Drum, and more besides.


The way you end the year in Topsail Beach is completely up to you. Will you be hitting the reefs in search of Kingfish? Or will you stay inshore and look for Spotted Seatrout and Black Drum?

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Awesome Trip
Gary S. fished with South End Anglers on July 29, 2019
For a first timers, schedule a half day near-shore trip.
We where early and so was Capt. Mike, 1 Hour early departure.
Chris S. fished with Native Son Guide Service on June 28, 2019
Sun screen, water , and a hat. Spend the day and enjoy some of the sites and food. Don't forget the ice cream.
Half day, early morning
Robin B. fished with Reel Cranky Charters on April 3, 2019
It can be very very chilly early spring break time pants and a hoodie. don't forget to bring bags and coolers take your fish home.
3/4 day trip with Capt. Mike
Jeff W. fished with Native Son Guide Service on August 7, 2018
I would definitely recommend a fishing trip on Top Sail for anyone. It was a great day for myself and both my son's.
3/4 day trip
Cary R. fished with Reel Cranky Charters on July 3, 2018
To find a good charter boat surf fishing wasn't that great!
Fishing with Michael
Richard S. fished with Native Son Guide Service on July 3, 2018
Early morning, late evening fishing when not to hot
1/2 day fishing with Captain Chadwick
John S. fished with South End Anglers on May 3, 2018
Read the reviews for the Captains. The right Captain makes all the difference in the world
Great charter
Matthew P. fished with South End Anglers on April 13, 2018
Surf is slow this April. Need a charter to catch fish in April.

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