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Explore the excellent local fishery with one of the trusted Minocqua fishing guides. Wisconsin’s lakes are well-known destinations for all inshore fanatics, however, Minocqua’s lakes are definitely some of the state’s hidden gems. Nicknamed “The Island City” for the numerous lakes surrounding it, finding a fishing spot in Minocqua is hardly a difficult task.

The main draw of Minocqua is the stellar assortment of available species, offering anglers of various skill levels a challenge well worth their time. From impressive Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass to local favorites like Musky, Northern Pike, and Walleye. These fish won’t go down without a fight, so make sure to bring your A-game!

Local guides typically offer standard full day and half day trips to accommodate anglers after a trophy catch, as well as those trying to get acquainted with the local fishery. It’s up to you whether you’ll focus on targeting a particular species or whether you’ll go after everything that’s biting that day.

Since the fishery is made up of numerous lakes, guides don’t typically keep their boats docked in marinas. Instead, they’ll simply meet you at the boat ramp of your lake of choice. Your professional guide will take you where the bite is hot, so don’t be surprised if you switch lakes mid-trip.

Rules & Regulations

Before beginning your adventure on Minocqua’s lakes, make sure to obtain a fishing license. Depending on your plans, you may have several options to choose from so just consult the relevant government websites ahead of time to get the right one. One last thing to keep in mind is that chumming is not allowed in Wisconsin.

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Minocqua Fishing Seasons


Anglers willing to brave the elements in January will be rewarded with some great Walleye action. Ice fishing is likely to be your method of choice and it’s sure to produce some great results.


Ice fishing continues to be the main action on most of Minocqua’s lakes and fishing spots. Walleye and panfish such as Bluegill and Crappie are the preferred targets for anglers getting out on the ice.


There may still be ice, depending on how harsh the winter has been. However, if the water is starting to heat up, you may already be able to target Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass.


With the ice melting away, anglers are returning to the lakes in large numbers, primarily targeting Walleye. However, these are not the only options, as Bass and Pike start showing up in larger numbers.


May is the month every sight fishing enthusiast has marked on their calendar. With Smallmouth Bass coming into its prime, anglers in search of a challenge come to the area’s lakes to test their skills to the max.


The water’s getting warmer and the bite is following it, too. Bass fishing is still going strong, and Bluegill and Crappie are biting hard as well. The weather can turn quickly, so keep an eye out for the conditions.


It’s that time of the year when Musky the local favorite – can be targeted reliably. Typically, anglers have success using topwater lures and bucktails, so give it a shot.


Walleye makes a comeback to the list of the most popular targets in August, as larger-sized specimens make their way to the water tops. Bass, Musky, and Pike are all still going strong, so take your pick.


With the Walleye bite slowing down, all attention turns to Bass fishing again, which is still going strong. Additionally, Musky is gradually coming into its peak, providing anglers with some thrilling battles.


The weather is steadily cooling down and Musky is officially the main game in town. If you’re lucky, this month may even produce a trophy catch – as long as you’ve got what it takes. Alternatively, the Smallmouth Bass and Crappie bite is also good.


November is feeding time for the Walleye, and their aggression is welcomed by all local anglers. You’ll likely need a highly-experienced guide for a Walleye excursion in November, since productive techniques and locations vary wildly.


With the waters freezing over again, ice fishing becomes the primary technique for all anglers looking to score a nice catch for Christmas. The species you’ll be going after are mostly panfish such as Bluegill and Crappie.

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Only guide we fish with!
Frank K. fished with Fish Minocqua on September 18, 2018
We fish the weed beds on the north side of the lake and the drop offs, depending on what we are fishing for. Lots of pike, landed a 36", in 2015.

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