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The simple variety and quality of fishing Noosa has to offer is hard to beat. And, as luck would have it, this bustling little town on the Sunshine Coast is perfectly situated for you to enjoy it with your family. Located just a 90 minute drive north of Brisbane, this makes for the perfect getaway at any time of year. Combine sophisticated bars and shops with stunning natural resources and put it in a subtropical climate, and you can see why so many people visit this part of the Sunshine Coast every year.

Packed with attractions for all the family, this is a place that will please everyone, whether they prefer to stroll down the bustling Hastings Street for shops, cafes and nightlife, or to escape from it all and look for koalas and cockatoos in the Noosa National Park. But before you even get started on that, you’ll want to check out the best Noosa charters - with plenty of interest all year round, you’ll want to secure your spot before it’s too late!

Noosa Fishing Spots

When it comes to fishing, Noosa is something special. The area’s clean and clear waterways are home to dozens of different fish species, all of which make for an unforgettable fishing experience. Here are some highlights:

Noosa River

This largely intact coastal lagoon system lets you experience what Queensland river and estuary fishing should really be like. The 40 km of this river within Noosa’s boundaries hold large numbers of Flathead, Mulloway, Whiting, Bream, Tailor, Tarpon, and Mangrove Jack, while further upstream you can find wild Australian Bass. Not only is the fishing incredible, the area is also home to Mud Crabs and Swimmer Crabs - two famously tasty Queensland treats.

Laguna Bay

The pristine waters of this scenic bay lap up onto Main Beach to become a crucial part of any Noosa vacation. These fish filled waters are the perfect base for a day on the water, particularly in the winter months. If you’re up for a challenge, come here to target Yellowfin, Mack, and Northern Blue Tuna, as well as Spotty and Spanish Mackerel on light tackle or fly.

Local reef systems

There are a host of reef systems that are easily accessible on one of the many fishing charters Noosa can offer you. With excellent reef fishing available within 15 kms from the Noosa Bar, you don’t even need to get on a big boat to enjoy the action. Pay a visit to North Reef, Jew Shoal Reef, and Chardon’s Reef and have a go at bottom bouncing for Snapper, Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Pearl Perch, and Trevally, to name but a few.

But what about big game fishing?

Well, the Sunshine Coast is famous for its annual visitations by Marlin and Sailfish in the Summer. You can find them anywhere from a couple of hundred meters offshore to about 30 miles out, with most of them being caught within about 10-20 nautical miles. Head further out, and you’ll be fishing above some of Noosa’s famous canyons - the perfect habitat for baitfish and just the type of hungry predators we’re after. 20 billfish in a day is not unheard of in these parts!

Types of Fishing

Fish Noosa River for Tarpon on the fly, in or target Tailor, Trevally, and Flathead on plastics. Live bait as well as soft body and hard body lures have good results around the mouth of Noosa River for Mangrove Jack, Bream, Whiting, and Flathead.

If you’re more a fan of sea fishing, head out with light tackle or fly gear to target Mackerel and Tuna in Laguna Bay and beyond. Otherwise, head out to Chardon’s reef to target Juvenile Black Marlin and Sailfish in light tackle season. And when heavy tackle season comes around, nothing beats trolling above the canyons for a real trophy.

For those who are after a tasty meal, there’s always reef fishing. Experiment with micro jigging or fishing with soft plastics and live bait over the reefs for Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Pearl Perch, Snapper, and more.

Rules and Regulations

Recreational fishing licenses are only required for fishing some stocked impoundments in Queensland. Before you get out on the water, make sure you check Queensland's Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for up to date information on seasonal closures. Otherwise, ask your Noosa fishing charter.

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Noosa Fishing Seasons


See in New Year in style, catching a tan as well as some fish in the middle of the Australian summer. If you’re into deep sea fishing, now is your chance. Look for Black Marlin over the continental shelf.


Sport fishing remains at its peak off the Sunshine Coast in February. Get ready for hot and humid weather with a small chance of heavy rain in the afternoons. Beat the heat by starting your trip early in the morning.


Autumn arrives in March, with temperatures very gradually falling. Blue Marlin is at its peak offshore. Closer to home, the pelagics are out and about. Look for Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, and more. Conditions may be windy.


Autumn can be one of the best times to fish in Noosa. The weather is beautiful - less hot and humid now, but still very pleasant. Offshore, there's usually a very strong pelagic bite with a variety of fish being caught in the reefs, too.


As the temperature drops, cooler currents arrive and bring Yellowfin Tuna for some real offshore action. The weather is still extremely pleasant, with slightly fewer crowds than during the summer.


Winter's arrived, but Noosa’s tropical climate doesn’t care. Expect lows of about 10 degrees and highs of up to 20°C. Also, expect some of the best reef fishing of the year: Red Emperor, Snapper, and much more are biting.


Reef fishing continues to be on top form: look for hungry Snappers all the way through to September. Otherwise, head to the beaches to look for Tailor or target Trevally in the Noosa River.


It's mid winter, but that doesn’t stop people in Noosa from catching a tan on the beach. All the reef fish are chewing as well as ever, with Bream and Winter Whiting inshore and Trevally kicking up a storm in the Noosa River system.


Spring appears. September is one of the nicest months in Noosa, with minimal rainfall and plenty of sunshine. Expect clear skies as you fish, exploring the estuaries for big Flathead or catching juvenile Black Marlin offshore.


The weather is gorgeous and the fishing gets better by the day. Warmer currents offshore start bringing baitfish – and their predators – towards the Sunshine Coast. Have a go at light tackle fishing for small Black Marlin and Sailfish.


As summer draws ever closer, more and more pelagic species start to appear. Expect visits from Sailfish, Cobia, and the ever speedy Spanish Mackerel. Look for flocks of birds to pinpoint the action!


Summer arrives just in time for Christmas. While everyone else is on the beach, get out on the water and look for Dolphin Fish, Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Cobia, Mackerel… the list just keep going!

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Reviews of Fishing in Noosa

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Joe P. fished with Noosa Bluewater Charters on July 27, 2019
You have to ask where you can clean your fish without getting a fine/parking ticket
Fishing with Geoff
Stephen A. fished with Noosa Charters – Wild Thing 2 on May 9, 2019
Great weather, Great boat & crew. Great fishing !!
Half day trip
Dean L. fished with Noosa Charters – Wild Thing 2 on May 6, 2019
Make sure you take your sea sick tablets prior to getting on the boat!!!
Had a Great Day!
Bob & Liam Fordham fished with Noosa Charters – Wild Thing 2 on April 18, 2019
Be prepared for any weather & conditions including Mother Naturte's creature activity- very little or going crazy!
Great Fishing in Noosa
David C. fished with Fishing Offshore Noosa – Trekka 2 on April 8, 2019
Great spot! Good fish and great experience!
Half day trip aboard the Trekka 2 with skipper: Mitch and Deckie: Brad
Gina C. fished with Fishing Offshore Noosa – Trekka 2 on October 5, 2018
Have the best time possible and get your hands smelling like you have just jumped on a charter!!!
Super fine day
Signe F. fished with Fishing Offshore Noosa – Trekka 2 on August 4, 2018
Wear layers, so you can take it on and of.
A trip U won't regret, won't stop enjoying and won't leave empty handed
Hayley C. fished with Noosa Charters – Wild Thing 2 on May 19, 2018
Visit these guys for some info and guidence! They want you to have the best fishing experience, and you really do get it,! Thanks Paul and brock

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