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Port Credit is the go-to spot for fishing enthusiasts throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Sitting on the mouth of the Credit River, with easy access to the deep waters of Lake Ontario, Port Credit fishing charters are ideally placed for getting you on a variety of hard-fighting fish. No wonder the majority of the GTA’s charter fleet is based here.
Port Credit has a lot more to offer than just a marina, though. This is the perfect jumping-off point for exploring the famous Credit River or for wetting a line in the lake’s shallows from the many parks and piers. It’s a one-stop shop for awesome angling, and anglers flock to Mississauga’s waterfront district to fish for trophy Salmon and tasty Trout. It’s a definite must if you’re visiting the area.

Types of Fishing

Between the epic runs of the Credit River and the vast expanse of Lake Ontario, you have a lot of options of how and where to wet a line. Port Credit fishing spots vary from downtown piers and busy riverbanks to the farthest reaches of the lake’s offshore waters. Here are just a few of the ways you can fish Port Credit.

Port Credit Lake Fishing

If you’re looking for hard-fought battles and some delicious fish to show for it, you have to spend a day out on Lake Ontario. Port Credit Salmon fishing is the stuff of legends, with hardy Chinook and Coho Salmon swarming the lake’s western reaches all spring and fall. If you’re lucky, you might also find the rare Atlantic Salmon on the end of your line! 
It’s not just Salmon here, though. Rainbow and Brown Trout both reach impressive sizes in the lake’s deep waters, while Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass hunt along its shallower reaches. There’s something for everyone, and a guide to show you where to find it.

Port Credit River Fishing

The Credit River is home to one of Lake Ontario’s most important spawning runs. Each spring, Rainbow and Brown Trout make their way upstream to breed, as do the area’s various Salmon species. They’re greeted by fast currents and excited anglers every step of the way. As well as the spawning species, you can catch resident Brook Trout, Lake Trout, and Smallmouth Bass here, depending on how far upstream you fish. The stretch of river leading into Lake Ontario is open year-round for Trout fishing, meaning there’s never a bad time to test your skills!

Port Credit Shore Fishing

You can fish from parks and piers all along the lake. Battle Bass in Saddington Park or try for Salmon at the mouth of the Credit River – whatever you’re after, you’re in for a lot of fun! You can also fish from the banks of the river itself, although you should be aware of the seasons and regulations in the stretch of river you’re fishing. Head out with a local if you don’t know the river well – it’ll save you a lot of time and the risk of a hefty fine!

Port Credit Ice Fishing

“But what if I’m visiting in winter?” you ask. Well, just because the weather’s cold doesn’t mean the fishing isn’t red hot! Local anglers spend their winters battling Pike and Trout through the ice, both on the Credit River and on Lake Ontario. The best ice fishing spots are upriver in the Island Lake Conservation Area, but you don’t have to go that far – you can often find people ice fishing right in the middle of town!

Fishing Techniques

Port Credit Salmon charters normally focus on trolling or drifting, using downriggers, planer boards, or dipsy divers to reach the fish below. Trout are caught the same way on the lake, but the best tactic for targeting them in the river is fly fishing. 
Ice fishing is a style of angling all to itself, and people have spent their lives writing about the best way to do it. At its most basic, you cut a hole and jig at different depths, depending on the fish you’re after. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds! 

Need to Know


Rules and Regulations

You need to buy a fishing license whether you’re on a charter or fishing from shore. You can choose between “conservation” and “sport” licenses, depending on how many fish you want to keep. Different parts of the Credit River have closed seasons or specific regulations, and many fish have their own closures and limits, too. Be sure to read up on the local rules if you’re planning to head out on your own.


Some guides price their trips per person, some per boat. A good rule of thumb is that most trips cost $100-$150 CAD per hour for the boat. If you’re serious about catching trophy fish, or you’re after some luxury on your trip, there are some impressive sportfishing vessels in Port Credit Marina that have everything you need to bring in your personal best in style. These may cost a little more, but you sure do get your money’s worth!

Getting There

Port Credit is around half an hour by car from Toronto. You can also get a bus or train from Toronto to Mississauga center, and make your way to the waterfront by taxi. Up for some exercise? There are trails which run along the lake from Toronto to Port Credit, so you could even rent a bike and take in the sights on your way to the dock!
Port Credit is the gateway to Lake Ontario and a natural launching point for river trips, too. You have plenty of charters to choose from and lots of popular shore fishing spots to get the lowdown from local anglers. So whether you’re on a city break or a business trip, keep a morning free and enjoy the awesome angling the Port Credit has to offer!
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Port Credit Fishing Seasons

Bass and Brook Trout are all closed for harvest in January. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of Pike and Rainbow Trout action to keep you warm throughout the coldest month of the year.

Head out onto the ice to fish up some delicious Rainbow Trout for dinner. You can run into monster Northern Pike this time of year, too, so make sure you bring your A-game!

Temperatures slowly claw their way into the 30s as March rolls on, bringing opportunities to get out on the water. Pike and Steelhead are both on form this time of year, so you’re in for a real fight.

The spring season kicks off in a big way in April. River fisheries open as Brook Trout comes back on the menu. Out on the lake, the first few Salmon are being caught, too.

Celebrate the area’s diversity at Carassauga, Mississauga’s Festival of Cultures. Once you’re done, hit the lake for an afternoon of epic angling for the area’s diverse Salmon species!

The long-awaited Bass season starts in June and anglers crowd the shores for a chance to hook these famous fighters. Salmon season is in full swing, too, and the Trout are on fire.

The Great Ontario Salmon Derby kicks off in late-July, and anglers start weighing in their trophy catch at stations all along the lake. Think you have what it takes to bring in this year’s winner?

Salmon move on to American waters and the Great Ontario Salmon Derby draws to a close. Trout are still around in force and Bass are biting harder than ever. There’s no shortage of fish in August.

Salmon are back and they’re meaner than ever! Take to the lake to fish up some delicious dinner, or hit the river for your last chance to bring in Brook Trout before the closed season.

Brook Trout and Lake Trout close for harvest, but there are plenty of Rainbows around. Salmon fishing is excellent in October, and a great way to enjoy the last of the warm weather.

Bigger boats come out of the water in October as the Salmon bite drops off in Lake Ontario. You can still find smaller vessels which can take you out for Trout and Bass, though.

If the ice is thick enough, you can have hours of fun battling Rainbow Trout and Northern Pike this time of year. You can still find some Bass swimming in unfrozen areas around the river mouth.

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Salmon (Chinook)

Salmon (Chinook)

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Salmon (Coho)

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Rainbow Trout (Steelhead)

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Brown Trout

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Salmon (Atlantic)