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The Lake Whitney fishing scene has a season that never stops. This is one of the top spots in Texas for Bass fishing, but other fish species keep up as well. It’s almost like everything that swims here makes for a full day of action on its own. Whether you’re looking for Stripers, White Bass, Hybrid Bass, Crappie, or Catfish, you’ll find your freshwater adventure here.

When to Go

Spring! Yes, the lake has a year-round fishing season but all fish species spawn in spring, which makes it the best time to go fishing. To be more precise, it’s easier to catch fish during this time because they stick to shallower water, which makes them easier to spot. All three Bass species spawn from March–May, Crappie from March–April, and Catfish from April–June. Depending on which species you’re after, it’s ideal to book your trip during one of these periods. 
During their spawning season, you’ll find these fish in shallow coves, along cut banks or submerged timber. During summer, the fish go deeper, looking for water that’s cooler and has oxygen levels ideal for them. In fall, as the temperature gets cooler, fish can be found all over the place, while your chances in winter are best in local rivers and creek channels.

How to Catch Them

In spring, you can target fish in shallow water using topwater lures, jigs, and live bait. During summer, most fishing guides will troll or drift fish using jigs, live bait, or large diving baits. Most of the wintertime catch is made by trolling river and creek channels using artificial baits and large jigs. Some captains also do bottom fishing with jigs or slabs.

Which Trip to Choose

Most fishing guides offer five-hour or eight-hour trips. Half days are a great choice if you want to focus on only one fish species, or simply don’t have enough time. But if you want to be a “Jack of all trades” and catch a bit of everything, a full day trip is your best bet. Even if you reach a daily limit for one species, there’s always something else to target. 


  • Be sure to purchase a valid Texas fishing license with a freshwater endorsement before your trip.

  • There’s no closed season on Lake Whitney, but there are daily catch limits for some species. Per person, you can keep up to five Stripers, five Catfish, 25 Crappie, and 25 White Bass. 

Lake Whitney fishing charters offer budget trips that are suitable even for novices. As the lake boasts numerous boat ramps, it has excellent public access, which is another reason many people choose it as their favorite fishing destination. Explore the beauties of Lake Whitney and don’t miss out on a great experience.
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The beginning of the year is a good time to catch trophy Catfish. If you’re lucky and more experienced, you may catch fish over 40 pounds on live shad. 
Bass species hold up their numbers during winter. If you’re targeting Smallmouth, you should use plastic worms and jigs while fishing in depths of 15–30 feet.
Catfishing gets even better! The best areas to target Catfish are near channels and submerged brush or rock. They prefer live bait, but you can also use cut bait. 
With spring, the spawning season starts for most of the fish species and it’s hard to decide what to target. Bass are usually caught along shorelines and in coves.
You’ll find fish in very shallow waters, only 2–15 feet deep. Target all types of Bass and you’ll be most successful in areas with flooded vegetation.
As the weather gets warmer, fish move into the depths of the lake. You’ll find Crappie in the middle and upper ends of the lake.
During summer, the lake has little oxygen. Stripers move to the coolest layer of water they can find. Trolling or drift fishing should do the trick.
White Bass can be a good target choice, as they move in large schools. It’s easy to spot them because they frequently surface in open water while feeding.
When summer’s over, the fish move into shallow water again. You can target Bass and Crappie using topwater bait again.
As the water cools, Bass fishing heats up. Medium-sized, crawfish-colored crankbaits seem to be the best option to catch them.
In November it’s hard to decide where to fish because Stripers inhabit all depths. You can find them along river channels in deep water or feeding at the surface. 
The end of the year is a great time to troll river and creek channels with artificial baits. Trophy Catfish are also possible to catch, all the way through March.

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FAQs about Fishing Charters in Lake Whitney

According to customer reviews, Blake on the Lake, Compass Guide Service LLC, and On The Fly Guide Service are some of the most popular fishing charters in Lake Whitney. Full list of top fishing charters in Lake Whitney.

Blake on the Lake and Compass Guide Service LLC received great reviews from families who booked fishing trips in Lake Whitney.

The best way to experience fishing in Lake Whitney is to book a private charter with a licensed fishing guide. See the full list of charters available for online booking here: List of fishing charters in Lake Whitney.

The top 5 fish species targeted on guided fishing trips in Lake Whitney are:

With spring, the spawning season starts for most of the fish species and it’s hard to decide what to target. Bass are usually caught along shorelines and in coves.   Check availability for local fishing charters in Lake Whitney.