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Mention Manitoba fishing to a passionate freshwater angler, and you’ll have them reaching for their rod. This stunning province, tucked away in the very heart of Canada, hides thousands of productive lakes and rivers within its borders. 
From remote locations in the wilderness to some of the biggest fishing hubs on the continent, Manitoba has something for just about anyone ready to cast a fly. 

What to Expect

When a province boasts over 100,000 lakes, what else can you expect but first-class fishing? Whether you’ve set your sights on trophy Walleye (aka Pickerel), Northern Pike, Trout, or Bass, in Manitoba you’ll find a body of water that can satiate your fishing appetite.
What’s more, you don’t have to wander around alone – there are many professional guides located in the most productive spots that will take you where the bite is.

Lake Fishing

When it comes to the lake fishing Manitoba has, words don’t quite cover it – you have to head out and experience it yourself.
And from the very start, we must mention Lake Winnipeg. This is the largest lake in the province, and home to superb fishing (and ice fishing) opportunities. Lake Winnipeg is one of the most popular angling destinations because it’s so close to the province’s capital, Winnipeg, and it’s a great spot for a weekend getaway. Scores of people come here to catch the biggest Walleye of their lives, as well as Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Carp, and more.
If you’d like more diversity, check out Falcon Lake in the Whiteshell Province Park, where the Northern Pike and Walleye action is solid. For giant Lake Trout (sometimes over 30 pounds), head out to Nueltin Lake. For anyone wanting a more extreme, close-to-wilderness experience, Sasaginnigak Lake is the way to go. Nothing beats top-notch fishing paired with awe-inspiring views.

River Fishing

Maybe you prefer to mix a bit more adrenaline into your fishing experience, and if that’s the case, then river fishing in Manitoba is your cup of tea. One of the most popular spots is by far the Red River, where you’ll find massive Walleye in the rapids.
If you’re on the lookout for Northern Pike and Trout, then North Seal River won’t disappoint. Winnipeg River will show you what Walleye fishing is all about, while Whitemud River will put you on the trail of Carp and Freshwater Drum. These are just a few rivers worthy of your attention, but the list goes on and on.

Ice Fishing

If Manitoba were a superhero, ice fishing would be its superpower. Come December, anglers from all over the country and beyond dust off their ice fishing gear and head out to explore what Manitoba lakes have to offer this year. Greenbacks (Walleye with emerald-colored scales) are the superstar of ice fishing expeditions, especially on Lake Winnipeg. You can hook some real Greenback lunkers here.
If Trout is your prey of choice, then Clearwater Lake is a good option for you. For the Northern Pike bite, Kississing Lake is the go-to destination. From the end of the year all the way to April, you can enjoy excellent ice fishing all over Manitoba, and chances are, you’ll be hooked for life.

What to Bring

Manitoba fishing is as varied as it is bountiful, so what you need to bring depends on when and where you hit the water. A fishing licence is a must here and Canadians take very good care of their waters and marine life, so make sure you’re familiar with the local fishing regulations before you cast your line.
Layered clothing is always a good idea, as well as drinks and food. Charter guides usually provide all the fishing equipment you need, especially if you’re going ice fishing. If you’re looking to catch your next freshwater record and admire untouched nature, Manitoba is the place for you!
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This is the best month to go ice fishing. There’s an abundance of lakes to choose from, and the ice is usually very thick in the middle of winter. Greenback, Trout, Northern Pike, and Whitefish are all in the cards.


Spend a weekend on Lake Winnipeg and book a couple of ice fishing expeditions while you’re there. This is your chance to catch a big Greenback and bring it home for dinner.


March is the period “in-between,” when ice fishing is slowing down, but it’s not warm enough for regular fishing. Still, ice will still be strong in the Northern Region, so why not go and explore?


Have one last hurrah on the ice before getting ready for the fishing season that will start next month. The ice still holds on certain lakes, so you can seek them out and target Walleye, Trout, and Pike.


The fishing season is officially open! Whatever you’d like to hook, now is your time. Choose your lake and depending on where you are, catch anything from Crappie and Bass to Perch and Carp.


It’s nice and warm in June and the bite is hot! Visit one of several provincial parks and the lakes in them to chase a variety of Trout (Rainbow, Brook, Tiger, Brown), as well as Pike and Walleye.


July is one of the best months for fly fishing, especially if you go to the Parkland Region. Here, you’ll find a lot of pristine streams and lakes surrounded by woods and mountains, perfect for some top-notch Trout fishing.

It’s hard to pick just one place in Manitoba, so why not explore one whole area? The Interlake Region boasts outstanding fisheries like Manitoba, Winnipegosis, and Winnipeg Lakes, all known for their variety and productivity.

The beginning of fall is a good time to explore the Central Region with its beautiful, fun-to-fish rivers. In most places, you can expect Perch, Crappie, Bass, Carp, and Walleye at the end of your line.


It’s getting colder outside, which means you better dress well before you hop aboard for a day of fishing. Your prey might be a bit more shy this time of year, but Walleye and Pike are still very much biting.


Take a deep breath as the temperatures drop and reel in a few more fish before the ice starts to settle in. Very soon, the time will come to drill the first holes in the new ice and drop your line for your own Greenback.


Spend several hours on the ice and fill your cooler with delicious fish like Greenback and Perch. Nothing like a hearty dinner to warm you up after an exciting but cold day outside.

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FAQs about Fishing Charters in Manitoba

To give you an idea of how much a fishing trip in Manitoba costs, the average price for an 8 hour private trip is $195. These prices are based on trips booked on our site recently.

Prices will vary depending on trip length, fishing technique, as well as the type and size of the boat you booked. However, to give you an indication, the average boat size in Manitoba is 20 ft and the most common vessel type is a Aluminum fishing.

According to customer reviews, Kannuk Outfitters, Northern Life Outfitters, and Kenanow Lodge are some of the most popular fishing charters in Manitoba. Full list of top fishing charters in Manitoba.

Kannuk Outfitters, Northern Life Outfitters, and Kenanow Lodge all received great reviews from families who booked fishing trips in Manitoba.

The best way to experience fishing in Manitoba is to book a private charter with a licensed fishing guide. See the full list of charters available for online booking here: List of fishing charters in Manitoba.

The most popular fish species you can target are Pike (Northern), Walleye, and Lake Trout. Top fishing techniques include jigging, fly fishing, and trolling. River fishing, lake fishing, and inshore fishing are commonly offered by local guides.

Spend several hours on the ice and fill your cooler with delicious fish like Greenback and Perch. Nothing like a hearty dinner to warm you up after an exciting but cold day outside. Check availability for local fishing charters in Manitoba.