Bohar Snapper Fishing

Bohar Snapper Fishing

Bohar Snapper

Bohar Snapper
  • Size 2 to 5kg
  • Food Value Average
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats Nearshore, Offshore

(Lutjanus bohar)

Commonly known as the Red Bass, Bohar Snapper is a highly sought after bottom species in Australia, better targeted more for the fight than for food.

These chunky fish get their name after two silver spots that can be found next to the dorsal fins in juveniles. Adults are mostly uniform in color.

How big

The typical Bohar Snapper will be between 2 and 5kg, but the species can grow over 15kg.


They are found throughout the Indo-Pacific Ocean, stretching to south Japan, east Africa, north Australia and the Marquesas Islands. They form spawning aggregations at the surface, on a monthly basis even in certain waters (for example, off the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea). At other times, they can be found up to 180m deep, but mostly not deeper than 70m.

How to catch

Bohar Snapper are voracious feeders and will take natural bait such as small fish, shrimp or octopus, but also artificials such as stickbaits, poppers and flies. They are great game fish, especially on the fly.

Good to eat?

Fair food value, but is avoided due to frequently being linked with ciguatera (fish poisoning) in some places.

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