Common Pandora Fishing

Common Pandora Fishing

Common Pandora

Common Pandora
  • Size 10–30 cm
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Nearshore, Offshore

(Pagellus erythrinus)

As the name suggests, Common Pandora is a common catch in European countries. But that doesn’t make it any less admirable! This is one of the region’s most sought-after species when it comes to table fare. In English, some call it Becker, Spanish Sea Bream, and even King of the Breams. Many anglers often refer to this fish by his less creative title, however: Red Snapper.

How Big?

Common Pandora typically measure 10–30 centimeters in length, but are known to grow as large as 50 centimeters.

Where and When

This King of Breams inhabits the eastern Atlantic, from Scandinavia to Cape Verde, including the North and Mediterranean Seas. You can catch this species year round, with the peak season in summer.

Man holding Common Pandora (aka Red Snapper)

A king-sized Common Pandora caught while deep sea fishing in Budva, Montenegro

How to Fish

Anglers typically catch this fish by drifting and bottom fishing. You can expect to hook Common Pandora while fishing for similar species like Dentex and other Sea Breams.

Good to Eat?

Common Pandora has delicate white flesh and makes for an outstanding meal when prepared fresh from the sea. What better way to end your fishing trip?

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