Shark (Mako) Fishing in San Diego California

Shark (Mako) Fishing in San Diego California

San Diego's shark fishery is one of the best kept secrets of west coast fishing. Being home to a Shortfin Mako nursery (one of only three known worldwide), these waters regularly see adult Makos between 80 and 200lbs. With common yearly captures of monsters over 1000lbs in weight, this is the place to get your trophy catch of this amazing apex predator.

The fishery is just a few miles out from the shore and Mission Bay offers the most convenient launching point. Makos are available throughout the year, but the best time to target them will be during the summer.

Many fly-fishermen go after Mako sharks as the ultimate challenge in the discipline. The perfect guide to accommodate this style of fishing, but others as well, is captain Jeff Stock with Stock Charters.

Shark (Mako) fishing in San Diego California varies moderately throughout the year. High season is June to October. Low season is January to March and December. There is no closed season.
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