Rusty Jobfish Fishing

Rusty Jobfish Fishing

Rusty Jobfish

Rusty Jobfish
  • Size 50 cm (20")
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Good
  • Habitats Nearshore, Reef, Offshore

(Aphareus rutilans)

Rusty Jobfish are characterized by their distinct, red-orange hue and an almost metallic appearance. Due to their severe underbite, these fish are also known as Ironjaw Snapper or just Ironjaw. Other common names include Small-toothed Jobfish, Red Smalltooth Job, and Silvermouth.

How Big?

This Jobfish species typically reaches around 50 cm (20”) in length, but can grow to up to 80 cm (32”). The IGFA world record for Rusty Jobfish is 6.6 kg (14 lb 8 oz).

Where and When

Rusty Jobfish inhabit a wide-ranging area across the Indo-Pacific, from Hawaii to East Africa. In Australia, anglers catch this fish from Western Australia up around the top of the country and down into northern Queensland. Juvenile fish live on inshore reefs before moving to deeper water as they mature. Rusty Jobfish generally live in water 100-350 m deep.

Rusty Jobfish aka Ironjaw SnapperRusty Jobfish caught in Nadi, Fiji

How to Fish

Anglers catch this species while bottom fishing, traditionally by handline. In Hawaii, Rusty Jobfish are part of a mixed fishery of deep water Snappers and Groupers collectively known as the Hawaii Deep 7 Bottomfish complex. Although these fish continue biting year-round, Rusty Jobfish are subject to annual catch limits and are closed to harvest in Hawaii from May-September.

Good to Eat?

Rusty Jobfish are loosely related to Snapper and Bream, so it should be no surprise that this fish tastes excellent! Their firm, flaky fish tastes much like that of King Snapper.

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