Yellow Perch Fishing

Yellow Perch Fishing

Yellow Perch

Yellow Perch
  • Size 4 to 12oz
  • Food Value Good
  • Game Qualities Low
  • Habitats River, Lake, Backcountry

(Perca flavescens)

Yellow Perch are popular North American freshwater pan-fish, available year-round albeit small and easy to catch.

How big

The species is among the smallest freshwater game fish, commonly caught between 4 and 12oz. The all-tackle record of 4lbs, 3oz was set in 1865 and is the longest standing freshwater fish record in North America.


Yellow Perch are native to the the tributaries of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. They are found from Nova Scotia to South Carolina in the east and to the Rocky Mountains in the west. They can be caught throughout the year.

How to catch

Yellow Perch will strike most natural baits, including worms, small minnows, clams and crickets. Artificials also work well, with many Bass lures such as tubes, Rapala minnows, small spoons or curly tail grubs on jigheads being effective. The species is also good for fly fishers, as they will readily take flies that resemble any of the bait options.

Good to eat?

Delicious white and flaky flesh.

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