Finland Atlantic Salmon Fishing Charters

Finland Atlantic Salmon Fishing Charters

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Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Finland

Atlantic Salmon
  • Size 8-12 lbs
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Excellent
  • Habitats Inshore, Lake, River

(Salmo salar)

Once, all Finnish Salmon used to belong the tsars in St Petersburg. Luckily, nowadays you don’t need to be royalty to get your hands on this regal fish – anyone who wants to can go Salmon fishing in Finland!
Catching Salmon in Finland is a competitive affair. The Lake Puruvesi Salmon Championship in Kesälahti, when people fish for a full 24 hours, is testimony to this. And that’s not to mention the ice fishing extravaganza of the Lake Kallavesi Finnish Championships, or the European Championships in Salmon Trolling on the Gulf of Finland.
At the same time, if you just want to relax with a rod in your hand and enjoy your favorite hobby, you can find yourself a guide and get ready to conquer the local waters on your own terms. Let’s get started!

Where to catch Salmon

Where’s the best place in Finland to catch Salmon? Everywhere! Numerous lakes, rapids, and the Gulf of Finland – you can get close and personal with the king of local fish species across the entire country. 

Salmon fishing in rivers

Salmon migrate up a large number of rivers in Finland and each one of these has its own character. One of the most popular destinations in the Gulf of Finland is the river Kymi, in the south of the country. Salmon are artificially stocked here, so you need to catch a fish weighing at least 15 kg (33 lb) for it to be considered a trophy. 
If you’re more interested in going off the beaten track, the Kokemäenjoki and the Merikarvianjoki rivers are both host to impressive numbers of Atlantic Salmon. And the famous Tana River is literally swarming with species! Huge quantities of the fish come here to spawn, and you have a better chance of catching a trophy here than pretty much anywhere else in Europe.
The Tana isn’t the only place you can find wild Salmon – the Näätämöjokim, which is also runs in the Arctic Ocean, the Simojoki, and the Torne, are also home to this fish. You can easily find fish of up to 25 kg (55 lb) here!
A quick word on the river Torne: if you’re continuing northwards towards the Norwegian fjords, you shouldn’t miss this spot. This is the best place to rent a traditional wooden boat and try “rowing fishing.” Don’t attempt this river on your own – it’s safest to go with a local guide who knows these deep waters.

Salmon fishing in lakes

Lake fishing in Finland needs no introduction. Lakes Puula, Pielinen, Päijänne, Näsijärvi, Höytiäinen, and Miekojärvi, among many others, are home to quality Trout, Perch, and Pike, as well as Salmon. 
You can also catch Salmon in the Tampere region, where they have been stocking the species successfully over the last few years. This part of Finland is astonishingly rich when it comes to Salmon lakes. 
As if that wasn’t enough, head to the Bothnian Sea or the Gulf of Finland to catch Neva Salmon, or you can catch a rare species of landlocked Salmon in Lake Saimaa. 

How to catch Salmon

The most popular Salmon fishing technique is fly fishing. In fact, you’re only allowed to fish for Salmon on the fly in the Simojoki river. Both light tackle and fly fishers specifically plan their trip to Finland in Salmon season so they can catch a trophy or two. 
Trolling for Salmon is particularly popular on River Torne and along the coast of the Baltic Sea. Trolling is also the method of choice for those who want to catch Salmon in the open sea.
Local anglers traditionally use heavy reels with medium weight rods so they can reel in the fish as quickly and effectively as possible. Finns also fish with wobblers, although of course every angler will have their own lure of choice. Lures are usually up to 6 cm (2 ⅓”) long, and the color depends on the location and time of year. Salmon themselves eat small fish, such as the common bleak. 

When to go Salmon fishing

The best time to catch trophy Salmon is in the autumn, as this is when the largest fish are spawning in the rivers. But Salmon fishing in Finland is heavily regulated at this time of year. From September 11 to November 15, you’re not allowed to catch Salmon on fixed gear in ocean channels and river rapids, and fishing for Salmon in Torne River is forbidden from 7 p.m. on Monday to 7 p.m. on Wednesday. Regulations change often and vary from region to region, so check with your guide before your trip to make sure you’re fishing legally.
At the beginning of summer and in late autumn, you should look for Salmon in deeper water or closer to the surface of particularly cold waters. The best time to go fishing is in the morning. You can catch Salmon in the Bothnian Sea at the end of May and the beginning of June. 
Few countries beat Finland when it comes to quality fishing for Atlantic Salmon. Home to both unprecedented wild Salmon migrations and well-stocked rivers and lakes in urban areas, you can’t go wrong with fishing these waters. Pack your rod and get ready for the cast of a lifetime!

Finland Atlantic Salmon Fishing Seasons

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Atlantic Salmon fishing in Finland varies moderately throughout the year. High season is June to September. Low season is January to April and December. There is no closed season.

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