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Known as the "Land of a Thousand Lakes," Finland is actually home to over 168,000 of these productive bodies of water. Its famous archipelago boasts over 179,000 islands as well, making this country one of Northern Europe’s most visited fishing destinations. There are plenty of Finland fishing charters offering exciting opportunities to explore its wilderness and connect with mother nature.

You can expect to target lots of freshwater species, including Northern Pike, Zander, European Perch, Burbot, and Brown Trout. Atlantic Salmon is a popular migratory fish and, come spring through fall, are a frequently targeted species as well. Off the coast, you can catch saltwater creatures such as Herring, Mackerel, and Cod.

Fishing charters in Finland offer a wide range of options, including fly fishing, ice fishing, and conventional fishing. Trip lengths vary based on how far you’d like to travel and what type of species you’d like to target. Shorter trips are recommended for beginners and children, while longer trips are recommended for more experienced anglers.

No matter what part of Finland you visit, you’ll find plenty of guides and charters ready to take you on an adventure. From the capital of Helsinki all the way to Oulu, there are charters scattered along the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Sea, and the Gulf of Bothnia. Other popular destinations include the towns of Turku, from which you can fish the archipelago, as well as the famous Naatamo River that flows through several hot spots. You can explore all these places and more by hopping on a charter and planning a fun adventure in Finland!

Rules & Regulations

Anglers between the ages of 18 and 64 must purchase a fishing license. You may also have to pay a state fisheries management fee, depending on your location. You can buy a license online or at a Nature Center. There are also size and bag limits for certain species and these may vary year-to-year. It’s always best to stay up to date and ask your guide if you have any questions.


Enjoy the breathtaking light show of the Aurora Borealis, AKA the Northern Lights! This month, you can expect to catch Northern Pike, Burbot, Zander, European Perch, and Common Bream.


February is a great month to go ice fishing. Pitch a tent, drill a hole, and get ready to target European Perch, Northern Pike, Burbot, and Zander. Just be sure to dress warmly and check the forecast before heading out!


Pike, Zander, Perch, and Burbot fishing are hot throughout many lakes in Finland. Common Bream is also a frequent target and can produce some rewarding catches this time of year.


Attention all caffeine addicts! Be sure to check out the Helsinki Coffee Festival for a warm cup of local brew. You can also get your adrenaline pumping with some excellent Pike, Zander, and Perch fishing.


Hop on a saltwater charter and go after delicious Herring. You can also take a trip out to the Baltic Sea and target Cod. Inland, you’ll find lots of success in targeting Brown Trout, Asp, Pike, and Zander.


Cool nights provide excellent Pike fishing conditions in June. Many other species are biting this time of year as well, including Salmon, Trout, Asp, Zander, and Common Bream.


Excellent Pike fishing conditions continue through July. There are also many fun summer events happening throughout the capital. If you like electronic dance music, check out the Weekend Festival after a fun day of fishing in Helsinki!


In August, you can target Salmon, Pike, Bream, Perch, Char, and Asp. The weather is very pleasant this time of year and the country is full of tourists, so be sure to plan your trip well in advance!


Salmon fishing is all the rage. You can also target Pike, Zander, Trout, and Perch in rivers and lakes. Now is also a great time to head offshore and catch yourself some savory Herring.


Trout and Perch fishing takes center stage in October. If you’re in Helsinki, be sure to check out Oktoberfest and mingle with the locals and sample some excellent Scandinavian beer!


Burbot fishing gets thrown back into the mix come November. Trout and Perch fishing are still hot as well. Zander and Pike also make up a solid number of catches this time of year.


Enjoy a warm glass of glögi with some delicious Finnish pastries and be sure to visit the Christmas markets in Helsinki. Pick a guide to take you ice fishing and catch yourself a delicious treat for supper!

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FAQs about Fishing Charters in Finland

To give you an idea of how much a fishing trip in Finland costs, the average price for an 8 hour private trip is $709. These prices are based on trips booked on our site recently.

Prices will vary depending on trip length, fishing technique, as well as the type and size of the boat you booked. However, to give you an indication, the average boat size in Finland is 16 ft and the most common vessel type is a Aluminum fishing.

According to customer reviews, Galddoaivi Safaris Ky – Atlantic Salmon Fly, Northern Pike Safaris Oy, and Aland outdoors are some of the most popular fishing charters in Finland. Full list of top fishing charters in Finland.

Northern Pike Safaris Oy and Aland outdoors received great reviews from families who booked fishing trips in Finland.

The best way to experience fishing in Finland is to book a private charter with a licensed fishing guide. See the full list of charters available for online booking here: List of fishing charters in Finland.

The most popular fish species you can target are Pike (Northern), Perch (European), and Pike Perch (Zander). Top fishing techniques include spinning, jigging, and fly fishing. Lake fishing, inshore fishing, and nearshore fishing are commonly offered by local guides.

Burbot fishing gets thrown back into the mix come November. Trout and Perch fishing are still hot as well. Zander and Pike also make up a solid number of catches this time of year. Check availability for local fishing charters in Finland.