Gummy Shark Fishing

Gummy Shark Fishing

Gummy Shark

Gummy Shark
  • Size 45-168 cm
  • Food Value Excellent
  • Game Qualities Average
  • Habitats Flats, Inshore, Nearshore

(Mustelus antarcticus)

Gummy Sharks are practically synonymous with “fish and chips” in southern Australia—and with good reason! Their flaky but firm meat is practically as sweet as the gummy shark candies named after them. Also known as Australian Smooth Hound, Smooth Dog-Shark, Flake, and Sweet William, this common catch is a great addition to your cooler if you manage to catch one on your next fishing trip.

How big?

Gummy Sharks average 45-168 cm in length, with females generally growing larger than males. Unlike male Sharks, females continue growing throughout their entire lives. The IGFA world record is a 30.8 kg Gummy caught in Victoria.

Gummy Shark caught in Victoria, Australia

Gummy Shark caught in Victoria, Australia

When and Where

Gummy Sharks mainly inhabit the waters of southern Australia, from the nearshore sea bed to the continental shelf. You’ll typically find this species in shallow areas, but they’re known to live in waters well over 200 feet deep. Fishing for Gummies is best during Australia's warmer months, from October through April.

How to Catch Gummy Sharks

Recreational fishermen catch Gummies on rod and reel, usually by bottom fishing. Commercial fishermen target Gummy Sharks using some of the most detrimental techniques, including longlines, gill nets, and trawling nets. These methods usually harm other species in the process, which has led to certain regulations for commercial fishermen.

Tastes good?

Very good! Boneless fillets of sweet Gummy Shark meat are marketed as “flake” in southern Australia, typically to make fish and chips. Storing the fillets in the refrigerator overnight improves their food value.


There is a bag limit for recreational anglers in some states such as Victoria and Tasmania, where anglers can keep 2 Sharks per person and up to 5 Sharks per boat. Sharks less than 75 cm long must be released. 

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