Skate Fishing

Skate Fishing


  • Food Value Average
  • Game Qualities Low
  • Habitats Nearshore, Offshore


The term Skate is a general one, as it covers more than 150 different species all over the world. They are not to be confused with Rays, due to Rays being a broader category of flat fish. Skates distinguish themselves from other Rays by way of their stiff snout and full rostrum.

How Big?

Different Skates come in different sizes, with the largest species being the Common Skate that can reach up to 9.4 ft in length and a massive 249 lb in weight. Smaller specimens like the Thorny Skate won’t go over 25 lb at their biggest.

When and Where

Outer continental shelves and upper slopes make up the most common grounds where Skates can be found. Their ideal habitat are depths over 3,000 meters, but some Skates can be found in shallower water. They also prefer cool water, whereas Stingrays are more predisposed to shallow and warm waters.

How to fish

Fishing for Skate’s is not something that anglers experiment with too much. Bottom fishing with bait (say, a Mackerel fillet) is what gets the job done time and again.

Good to eat?

Skate is a mild and delicate fish, best served fresh. It does go bad really quickly, so don’t let it go to waste.

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