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Angry Seas

March 23, 2017

Started sloppy today and got worse. I called the trip about 9 miles to fish another day Read Full Report →

Real Tug of War

March 22, 2017

Dad and son team today. First time for Amberjacks for both. It was a real tug of war as they did a joint effort fighting fish today. Good job AJ and Jeff. Read Full Report →

Big Fish for a Little Fishermen

March 21, 2017

Had to have a little help just holding this nice Amberjack up. Limit of Jacks for Mike and his family from Arkansas. All good fishermen/sportsmen for this group! Read Full Report →

Limit of Amberjacks

March 20, 2017

Found some nice Amberjacks deep today. We caught them on live bait and jigs. Had a bunch of nice fillets for these fishermen to take home. Read Full Report →

Catch and Release Fishing

March 18, 2017

Very nice American Red Snapper that was returned to the Gulf shortly after this picture was taken. Great fun for catch and release. JUNE 1st is opening day this year. Come get you some. We catch big Snapper that… Read Full Report →

Calm Seas = Good Fishing

March 17, 2017

I absolutely love this time of day....Calm waters and sunrise...Can't beat it...nature at it's finest. Good catch of some fine Amberjacks Read Full Report →

Bowed up on a Big Jack

March 17, 2017

Nelson is bowed up on an oversize Amberjack. Great fishing right now on Reel Kill. He hooked this jack while jigging in 240 ft of water. Read Full Report →

Amberjack On!!!

March 16, 2017

Had a good time showing these young men what Amberjack fishing is all about. Had some good bend in the rods from these bruisers. Read Full Report →

Awesome Amberjack Bite

March 10, 2017

Awesome bite on Jacks today. We caught some really nice fish. Largest was 55 lbs. Caught them on jigs and bait. Our clients were from Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois and they had a blast. Read Full Report →

Calm Seas = Big Jacks

February 24, 2017

Very calm seas today. Had a nice limit of Amberjacks. Largest weighed in at 40 lbs.Good bunch of Fillets. Had a nice Blackfin Tuna also. Read Full Report →

Amberjack bite is HOT

February 23, 2017

Jack bite is hot. Lost some big ones, but they caught some really nice ones too. Sore arms tonight for these guys. Caught the Jacks on live bait and jigs. Read Full Report →

Another nice Amberjack

February 10, 2017

Another nice Amberjack on Reel Kill hits the deck. This fisherman caught this nice jack on a jig in 150 ft of water. It took about 10 minutes to get him to gaff Read Full Report →

Nice Blackfin Tuna on Jig

February 03, 2017

First time jigging and first tuna caught by this happy fisherman from Arkansas. We were after Amberjack when this nice tuna hit a deep jig in 280 ft of water. Read Full Report →

Big Jacks

February 03, 2017

It was near dark when we arrived back at the dock. We had a good cart of Nice Amberjacks, Lane Snapper, and Vermillion Snapper. Trip out and while we were fishing seas were very calm, a cold front hit… Read Full Report →

Spiny Cheek Scorpion Fish

February 02, 2017

Caught a beautiful Spiny Cheek Scorpion Fish along with some big Amberjack today. Bite was hot and sore arms was the result. Great day on the water. Read Full Report →

Big AmberJacks

February 01, 2017

Had a group of 6 guys from Iowa, Nebraska and North Carolina today. Had a good Amberjack bite, biggest being 55lbs by scale weight. It was a blast! Read Full Report →

Great Catch of big Barrel Fish

November 25, 2016

Had a super good day Deep Dropping offshore Friday. Barrel fish bite was hot and it wasn't long before we had a cooler full. We fished in 750 ft of water using squid for bait. We also had a… Read Full Report →

Huge Snowy Grouper

November 17, 2016

Had a great Deep Drop Trip Yesterday. Barrel fish and Snowy Grouper bite was hot. Nice box of fish and some great eating too. Read Full Report →

Barrel Fish Catching...

November 17, 2016

The picture is a Barrel Fish taken in 750 ft of water. We used electric reels to access that dept of water and to pull these nice fish up from the bottom. In just a little time we had… Read Full Report →

Another look at a Nice Snowy Grouper

November 17, 2016

Another look at a nice snowy grouper right after he came aboard. Nice fish that weighed 55 lbs on a scale back at the docks. Read Full Report →

Snowy Grouper and Barrel Fish

September 12, 2016

Unbelievable bite today. Caught some really big Snowy Grouper and Barrel fish. Once we found some fish it was non stop action. Great eating too. Read Full Report →

Rough seas and stormy skys last few days

September 04, 2016

Been very stormy lass couple days. We still managed to get offshore and did very well on nice catches of Vermillion Snapper, White Snapper, and Lane Snapper. First picture was heading out yesterday...second was heading in. Rough and wet. Read Full Report →

Fishing Booker Clients from Saturday

September 03, 2016

Good Catch of Vermillion Snapper, White Snapper, Scamp Grouper and Lane Snapper for our clients on Saturday. Rain was all around, but we used radar to miss the showers and ended up having a great day Read Full Report →

Big Pile of Fish

August 21, 2016

Had a good limit of Vermillion Snapper and White Snapper today...Fish were suicidal. Picked up a couple king also. Read Full Report →

Deep Drop Success

August 20, 2016

Super good day yesterday. Barrel Fish bite was fantastic. We also had Snowy Grouper, Scamp, Vermillion Snapper, White Snapper, Almaco Jack, and a couple beautiful Long Tail Seabass Read Full Report →

Barrel Fish

August 20, 2016

Good day of fishing the edge and deep dropping. Had a great cart of some very good eating fish. Read Full Report →

Limit of Vermillion Snapper

August 05, 2016

Nice day to be fishing. Our fishermen caught a limit of Vermillion Snapper and a good charge of White Snapper. Also found some Dolphin Fish, Mahi, and put some of them in the box too. Read Full Report →

Big Snowy Grouper

July 31, 2016

Great day for our fishermen today. Caught this huge Snowy Grouper along with some fine Barrel Fish. Read Full Report →

Pretty fish....

July 30, 2016

Couple of interesting fish today. Big Eye Snapper is the red one and a Knobbed Porgy is the second. Both very pretty fish. Big eye was released...also had a limit of Vermillions today, nice king and a surprise Barracuda. Read Full Report →

Nice limit of Scamp

July 29, 2016

Had an 8 hour today. Went out and busted a limit of Scamp. Had a nice Red Grouper also and a good charge of Vermillion and White Snapper. Read Full Report →

Nice Vermillion Snapper

July 28, 2016

Had a small fishing group today on Reel Kill. Caught some very nice Beeliners and White Snapper. Had a blast with catch and release on Amberjacks and big Red Snapper too Read Full Report →

Stormy start

July 22, 2016

Started out a little stormy in the area this morning. Seas were calm and the fish bit well. This Arkansas family had a blast and they all caught plenty of fish. Nice bunch of fillets... Read Full Report →

Hot Vermillion Bite

July 21, 2016

Had some youngsters on the boat today. They really got into catching Vermillion and White Snapper. We had a nice charge of fish when fishing was done. Read Full Report →

Vermillion Snapper

July 19, 2016

Nice limit of Vermillion Snapper today. Red Snapper closed this past Saturday so now we're after their cousins the Vermillion Snapper. That's a lot fish...Great eating for sure. Read Full Report →

Girls out fished the Guys

July 16, 2016

The girls did it again. They landed more big snapper than the guys today. This was the last day of the 2016 Red Snapper season For charters in the Gulf of Mexico. It ended on Reel Kill with a… Read Full Report →

Snapper Seasons Booking Up!!!

July 16, 2016

Red Snapper season will start on June 1st this year again. We don't have the season length yet, but figure it to be 45 days or so. WE CATCH HUGE RED SNAPPER!! The pics below are from the last… Read Full Report →

Really Big Snappers

July 14, 2016

Flat seas today. Our crew caught one of the nicest box of Snapper that I've had this year. All were real bruisers. Read Full Report →

Good Snapper Bite

July 13, 2016

Had a few bumps on the way out , but the snapper bite was on and our group from Arkansas did very well. Read Full Report →

Kids Day on Reel Kill

July 11, 2016

Kids Day on Reel Kill. Had 3 - 9 year olds with their dads. Dads wanted the 9 year olds to catch our limit of snapper. We got it done with some really nice fish. Read Full Report →

Bruiser city today

July 09, 2016

Nice snapper today. Bite was good today including some sharks that took several of our big snapper leaving us heads to reel in. Everyone had a blast catching these fine fish. Plenty of big fillets going home. Read Full Report →

Nice box of Snapper

July 08, 2016

Had a little rain this morning...went around it and ended up having a great day on big snapper. 1 week left and snapper will be over until next year...... Read Full Report →

Slob Snapper day

July 06, 2016

Had a great time fishing 3 generations of a family today. Caught some really nice snapper and yes this young man caught that nice snapper he is holding. Snapper bite is hot!! Read Full Report →

Indiana Group scores some nice snapper

July 05, 2016

Had a great group of guys from Indiana today. It was a little sloppy, but they did a great job of putting some super nice snapper in the boat. Bite was hot...both from snapper and sharks. We lost several… Read Full Report →

Big Fish Calm Seas

July 03, 2016

Great day today. Big Fish and calm seas made our charter a lot of fun. Everyone caught some good keepers. The snapper were biting good and we had our limit fairly quickly. Trolling some wahoo lures produced an oversized… Read Full Report →

Family Fishing Day

July 02, 2016

Had a nice family from Alabama fishing today. We caught some really nice snapper and biggest fish ever for their two sons. Read Full Report →

Started out stormy, but fishing was good

June 30, 2016

Rainy this morning pushed us back to a 10 am departure. Made quick time as the seas were 1 ft. Ended up doing very well with a limit of Red Snapper and some fine Kings.We had only a few… Read Full Report →

Box o fish

June 29, 2016

Had some small and larger thunderstorms this morning. Using radar we went around them. The two fishergirls in the photo caught there share of the limit of very nice Red Snapper. We did some live baiting later and caught… Read Full Report →

Nice catch of big Snapper today

June 27, 2016

Headed out this morning in calm seas. We blew out around 30 knots to one of my favorite snapper areas. Bite was good...lots of big snapper. We caught our limit and did a little exploring in the area. We… Read Full Report →

Big Snapper

June 25, 2016

Afternoon fishing is great too. Left yesterday at 1:30. Back in at 7:30. Snapper bite was hot. Had to deal with some very aggressive sharks and they took their share. Reel Kill's clients did well and landed some really… Read Full Report →

Super Nice box of Red Snapper

June 24, 2016

Jerry and family put a lot of effort on Reel Kill today. We were hammered by sharks and they took several nice snapper away from us before we could get them in the boat. They ended up with a… Read Full Report →

Nice Snapper

June 22, 2016

Nice limit of big Snapper on a 6 hr. trip with Reel Kill Charters. Fish were hungry, but so were the sharks. We had a real bruiser of a bull shark along side the boat as it took a… Read Full Report →

2 Tagged fish caught

June 22, 2016

WOW...couple tagged fish caught aboard Reel Kill. Auburn University has captured and tagged a group of Red Snapper at various locations in the Gulf of Mexico. Each tag is worth $250 when the fisherman reports the catch and sends… Read Full Report →

Father/son team landed some nice Snapper

June 21, 2016

Father and son landed some great snapper today...however the man in the gray suit ate a nice Gag Grouper before Whit could get him in the boat Read Full Report →

Snapper Bite is Hot

June 14, 2016

Another fantastic box of Red Snapper aboard Reel Kill Charters. Caught this fine snapper on a 6 hr trip out of Orange Beach. Bite was HOT!!! Read Full Report →

Nice Snapper Limit

June 13, 2016

Big box of a limit of nice Red Snapper and a Blackfin Tuna. Our 6 hr snapper trip is hard to beat. Nice fish guys!! Read Full Report →

Something different

June 01, 2016

Something different...Yellow Mouth Grouper. While catching Scamp Grouper this rare species of Grouper took a live bait in 325 ft of water. Cool Fish!! Read Full Report →

Big Cobia on Reel Kill Charters

May 30, 2016

This big Cobia came up with some red Snapper in a chum line. Angler's first cobia. It's gonna be hard to beat!! Read Full Report →