Fishing Center Maio Cape Verde Fishing Reports

Shark Trophy

November 19, 2017

beautiful day dedicated to Shark Fishing! 3 Shark Over 200, all released! Read Full Report →

Sport Fishing, Island of Maio

November 15, 2017

Trolling and Jigging, Wahoo and Yellowfin Tuna for our friends: great fun on board "Africa" Read Full Report →

Jigging - Trolling

November 06, 2017

super day and great fun on board "Africa". Dorado, Wahoo, Yellowfin tuna, Kingfish Read Full Report →

Pesca a Capo Verde

November 03, 2017

Trolling - Jigging ,and great fun aboard "Africa". Dorado, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna Read Full Report →

"Rod Shark Trophy" - Shark Fishing

October 18, 2017

Shark Fishing Capo Verde,"Rod Shark Trophy". for our friends caught 5 nurse sharks, all over 200 Read Full Report →

Shark Fishing Cape Verde

March 27, 2017

They keep many great days of fishing! Today a beautiful Bronze shark plus 3 nurse sharks Read Full Report →

Big Lemon Shark - Big Nurse Shark

March 23, 2017

Super day! Big Lemon - Big Nurse Shark Over 250 cm A day to remember ... Maio Island - Cape Verde Read Full Report →

Shark Fishing , Super Day!!!!

March 22, 2017

another good session shark-fishing from the beach !! We captured 1 lemon shark and 2 nurse shark Over 220 extreme fighting, another great day for the Team "Big Game Maio" Read Full Report →

Shark Fishing 13 - 02 - 2017

March 13, 2017

good fishing session shark from the beach !! in 6 hours we caught one lemon shark, 1 nurse shark and blacktip shark 1! fun and entertainment for Norberto friends, and Valter Read Full Report →

Big Dorado , many catches in this excell

December 02, 2016

many catches in this excellent season! release all dorado baby, a large dorado and many more! another super day! the good angler Davide and Giusy! Read Full Report →

Big Amberjack , Vertical Jigging

December 01, 2016

Good day to Jigging on the beautiful Island of Maio in Cape Verde! aboard our boat "Africa", many catches to Vertical Jigging, including this Big Amberjack! beautiful fighting our angller Davide! Read Full Report →

Shark Fishing Cape Verde

September 24, 2016

Super day! 4 nurse sharks caught, all tagged and released! The big measuring 242 centimeters so much strength for our friend Giorgio !! Read Full Report →

Shark Cape Verde

September 20, 2016

Shark fishing in Cape Verde, 3 nurse sharks caught and released! another good day of fishing in Cape Verde (Maio Island) for our client Giorgio Read Full Report →

Shark Fishing , Cape Verde

September 06, 2016

Beautiful Shark Fishing session. Seeking the capture of lemon shark, and after only two hours it arrived this beautiful shark! Read Full Report →

Jigging Maio Island , Amberjack

August 06, 2016

Great fun for friends on board "Africa" !! Day dedicated to the Vertical Jigging, Amberjack captured a very big, 2 breaks and many other catches! Read Full Report →

Marlin Blue Maio Island

July 27, 2016

Super Day! Rolling 1 Blue Marlin, 1 Wahoo, 6 Yellowfin tune, Jigging 18 Amberjack Read Full Report →

Shark Fishing Maio Island

April 17, 2016

Second day of fishing with friends of Shark Expedition. 10 strike, 6 nurse sharks caught. all sharks were measured, tagged and released! all measured sharks over 200 cm, 243 cm Big. 1 double strike 1 triple strike Read Full Report →

Super Day!

April 16, 2016

First day of fishing! Lots of action and fun! Super Day ,7 Strike 5 Wahoo Maio Island ,Cape Verde Read Full Report →

Shark Fishing Cape Verde

April 03, 2016

9 Strike Shark - 6 Tagging Shark! Big Shark Nurse 262 cm !! Super Super Day , I LOVE SHARK FISHING!! Read Full Report →

Fishing Cabo Verde : Big Wahoo!! 33 kg

March 22, 2016

5 Wahoo , 1 Big Wahoo 33 kg!! 9 strike - 6 tagging! Big Shark Nurse 262 cm !! Super angler . super team!! Read Full Report →

great day trolling!

January 05, 2016

day dedicated to our friends wahoo !!! 5 catches on 7 strike !! very good day, friends and staff are very happy !! Read Full Report →


January 03, 2016

day dedicated to the little boy fisherman! many dorado and 1 wahoo !! many releases, dorado were too many !! Read Full Report →

Maio Island, Cape Verde

January 02, 2016

output dedicated to jigging and trolling 4 Wahoo and many amberjack! very good condition, perfect sea! and lots of fun aboard our catamaran "AFRICA" Read Full Report →

Tiger Shark , Fishing From the Beach

December 08, 2015

great spot for shark fishing and large catches this tiger shark measuring 285 cm, over 9 feet!! Fishing and released, as always !! Read Full Report →

still many great catches!

December 01, 2015

a great season !! trolling and live bait, the result is always great !!! many wahoo and dorado many, here is great fun! dorado 36 kg Read Full Report →

Big Big Wahoo!!38 kg

November 29, 2015

many catches, and a great Wahoo! friends definitely will return next year, This season is going great !! Read Full Report →

Big Dorado!!!

November 26, 2015

another great day of fishing !! many attacks on our bait and catch so many !! and a beautiful Dorado !!!! friends arriving from Canada will come back and visit you! Read Full Report →

A great season of fishing !!

November 25, 2015

A great season of fishing !!Since October begins the great fishing season in Cape Verd! great fishing and big fish Read Full Report →

Shark Tagging Project

November 13, 2015

a grandiose project with the University of Canada! given the beautiful and good spots, Now we fish the sharks and we measure them and them tagghiamo! a large study on them will be done! Read Full Report →

High season Dorado !

November 10, 2015

Perfect season to catch dorado fish ,trolling and live bait! Great escapes and jumps, lots of funand many catches! Read Full Report →

trolling with live bait

August 02, 2015

trolling with live bait, many catches of trevally and sailfish! 8 total strike for the enjoyment of all fishermen on board Read Full Report →


July 30, 2015

day dedicated to trolling and jigging with live! sailfish and yellowfin tuna. much fun with beautiful fish! Read Full Report →