Fishing Center Maio Cape Verde Fishing Reports

Shark Fishing Cape Verde

September 24, 2016

Super day! 4 nurse sharks caught, all tagged and released! The big measuring 242 centimeters so much strength for our friend Giorgio !! Read Full Report →

Shark Cape Verde

September 20, 2016

Shark fishing in Cape Verde, 3 nurse sharks caught and released! another good day of fishing in Cape Verde (Maio Island) for our client Giorgio Read Full Report →

Shark Fishing , Cape Verde

September 06, 2016

Beautiful Shark Fishing session. Seeking the capture of lemon shark, and after only two hours it arrived this beautiful shark! Read Full Report →

Jigging Maio Island , Amberjack

August 06, 2016

Great fun for friends on board "Africa" !! Day dedicated to the Vertical Jigging, Amberjack captured a very big, 2 breaks and many other catches! Read Full Report →

Marlin Blue Maio Island

July 27, 2016

Super Day! Rolling 1 Blue Marlin, 1 Wahoo, 6 Yellowfin tune, Jigging 18 Amberjack Read Full Report →

Shark Fishing Maio Island

April 17, 2016

Second day of fishing with friends of Shark Expedition. 10 strike, 6 nurse sharks caught. all sharks were measured, tagged and released! all measured sharks over 200 cm, 243 cm Big. 1 double strike 1 triple strike Read Full Report →

Super Day!

April 16, 2016

First day of fishing! Lots of action and fun! Super Day ,7 Strike 5 Wahoo Maio Island ,Cape Verde Read Full Report →

Shark Fishing Cape Verde

April 03, 2016

9 Strike Shark - 6 Tagging Shark! Big Shark Nurse 262 cm !! Super Super Day , I LOVE SHARK FISHING!! Read Full Report →

Fishing Cabo Verde : Big Wahoo!! 33 kg

March 22, 2016

5 Wahoo , 1 Big Wahoo 33 kg!! 9 strike - 6 tagging! Big Shark Nurse 262 cm !! Super angler . super team!! Read Full Report →

great day trolling!

January 05, 2016

day dedicated to our friends wahoo !!! 5 catches on 7 strike !! very good day, friends and staff are very happy !! Read Full Report →


January 03, 2016

day dedicated to the little boy fisherman! many dorado and 1 wahoo !! many releases, dorado were too many !! Read Full Report →

Maio Island, Cape Verde

January 02, 2016

output dedicated to jigging and trolling 4 Wahoo and many amberjack! very good condition, perfect sea! and lots of fun aboard our catamaran "AFRICA" Read Full Report →

Tiger Shark , Fishing From the Beach

December 08, 2015

great spot for shark fishing and large catches this tiger shark measuring 285 cm, over 9 feet!! Fishing and released, as always !! Read Full Report →

still many great catches!

December 01, 2015

a great season !! trolling and live bait, the result is always great !!! many wahoo and dorado many, here is great fun! dorado 36 kg Read Full Report →

Big Big Wahoo!!38 kg

November 29, 2015

many catches, and a great Wahoo! friends definitely will return next year, This season is going great !! Read Full Report →

Big Dorado!!!

November 26, 2015

another great day of fishing !! many attacks on our bait and catch so many !! and a beautiful Dorado !!!! friends arriving from Canada will come back and visit you! Read Full Report →

A great season of fishing !!

November 25, 2015

A great season of fishing !!Since October begins the great fishing season in Cape Verd! great fishing and big fish Read Full Report →

Shark Tagging Project

November 13, 2015

a grandiose project with the University of Canada! given the beautiful and good spots, Now we fish the sharks and we measure them and them tagghiamo! a large study on them will be done! Read Full Report →

High season Dorado !

November 10, 2015

Perfect season to catch dorado fish ,trolling and live bait! Great escapes and jumps, lots of funand many catches! Read Full Report →

trolling with live bait

August 02, 2015

trolling with live bait, many catches of trevally and sailfish! 8 total strike for the enjoyment of all fishermen on board Read Full Report →


July 30, 2015

day dedicated to trolling and jigging with live! sailfish and yellowfin tuna. much fun with beautiful fish! Read Full Report →