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Lake of Egypt Crappie Fishing - Spring i
Lake of Egypt Crappie Fishing - Spring i
March 4, 2023
Springtime crappie fishing is upon us and there is no better time than Spring on Lake of Egypt. Crappie Fishing in the Spring is fun and rewarding especially with the proper techniques and equipment. Spawning starts when the water temperatures hit the 56 to 65 degrees area. For Lake of Egypt that tends to be in April. Finding fish during the pre-spawn/spawn time frame typically leads to large fish and a live well full of great eating. During this time crappie will move into shallow water areas where the water temperature rise rapidly. During the Pre-spawn shallow structure outside of spawning areas is a great target. On Lake of Egypt, this tends to be in 10-foot –15-foot water depth. It is also during this time you can find a lot of roaming fish which leads to **hidden content** sonar action for singles. It is during this time Males are preparing the beds, while the Female crappie wait in these depths until the time is right. As the water warms up crappie tend to spawn in 1-6 foot of water, usually in the backs of protected coves, shallow island areas, under overhanging banks, on or near flooded brush and timber, or vegetation. They usually nest in schools and females may spawn more than once. As crappie move up to the spawning areas techniques vary. Most will cast a curly jig up against shorelines with a slow retrieval back, while others might choose to use a float with a minnow or plastic as a bait. Regardless of the method its usually a moving game. Cover shoreline. It’s the key. You will hit a hot pocket and then move on to the next. At the end of the day, you will have a live well full of great fish. Anglers have a lot of equipment to choose from these days. But overall, this is a casting game. I love using my 3 Pound fishing rods and tackle (**hidden content** All colors reign supreme this time of year the fish won’t be picky. Cast using a 7-foot - 10-foot rod close to the bank. If you choose a minnow setup with a float let it sit and then retrieve. If you like plastics, cast and retrieve until your hearts content. I have done many tests to try to figure out the best method, I would say they are equal in regards to fish caught. It really is angler choice this time of year. Of course, I guide on the lake, so I do recommend taking a trip with 3 Pound Fishing Guide Service. It’s the easiest way to get an idea on the techniques and areas in which you want to concentrate on. Although my boat is one of the most technological boats in the industry, you don’t need all the equipment during this time frame. A Jon boat with no electronics can get it done as well. That’s what makes the spawn so much fun. But if you want the fast pass to success, a guide trip will get your spawn fishing experience on the lake off on the right foot.
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Crappie fishing on Lake of Egypt is great, especially when you locate brush piles.
5.0 / 5
Crappie fishing on Lake of Egypt is great, especially when you locate brush piles.
3 Pound Fishing Guide Service – Lake of Egypt
3 Pound Fishing Guide Service – Lake of Egypt Natchez, LA