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The Penrod Snakehead Theory and 2024 pre
The Penrod Snakehead Theory and 2024 pre
May 27, 2024
Thee The Fishing Detective Guide Agency, LLC Potomac River Fishing Report. May 20 to May 27, 2024. Washington DC to Aquia and beyond. Largemouth, smallmouth, snakeheads with Captain Kenny Penrod III - rates for 7 hour day 425 and 4 hour day 325. After work sunset special 280. I accept cash, check, Venmo and Zelle. $100 deposit required at booking. The Fishing Detective is a US Coast Guard certified captain with over 50 years of fishing experience on the river. He is a nationally published writer and was selected by the governor to be a member of both the Maryland black bass committee and the catch a poacher program. The fishing detective has an advanced education and served 27 years on law enforcement. Fully insured, first aid certified, drug tested, no criminal history, financially independent and the “hardest working guide on the river”. The Fishing Detective fishing report is appreciative of #dobynsrods, #powerpole, #fishdetective729, #seewhatsoutthere, #seaguar, #ardentreels, #kuiu, #simmsfishing. For the second consecutive year, Fishing Booker awarded Capt Kenny with the “Anglers Choice Award” based on his high ratings from customers, responsiveness, and volume of trips. If you enjoyed your trip please give me a review on fishing booker. Thee Report : The much anticipated The Fishing Detective Guide Agency, LLC fish report is the only report where the writer is not pushing product or copying past reports. This report is a product of many, many hours on the water this past week. My intent is to interest you in booking a trip. I don’t provide specific locations. I provide an overview of the patterns and baits that I found productive. THEE POTOMAC RIVER SNAKEHEAD PREVIEW - anyone can catch them from an irrigation ditch but you need to be a fisherman on the Potomac. June begins in earnest the 2024 snakehead guiding season for me where we target snakehead specifically. Most of my days are only 4 hour days unless I’ve fished with you in the past. The day is totally concentrated only on targeting a snakehead with rods, reels and lures. Why 4 hrs ? Because catching a snakehead can be hard fishing that requires many many casts with at times very few hits. It’s a mental game of persistence. Please Review the scientifically accepted Penrod snakehead Theorum. The Theorum published in science magazine states - “Success in catching a mature Potomac snakehead is directly proportional to the amount of time that any lure is in the environmental strike zone of a northern snakehead”. What exactly does this mean - it’s a way of managing expectations. Many many people live a delusional life of internet viewing where they know a lot but don’t do a lot. This too is scientific fact. I’m trying to bring some reality to the u-tube Americans. Being a fisherman means recognizing high potential habitat and repeatably casting accurately to these spots. A snakehead is a shallow water fish that holds close to cover. It’s a cautious fish and can be spooked very easily. I know casting is a sore topic but if you can’t cast accurately then your odds of catching a snakehead revolves not on math but luck. Here is my recommended equipment for improving your odds of catching a snakehead - 1. Polarized sunglasses - mandatory in my opinion. I use copper lenses to clearly see cover and snakeheads in shallow water. Many times a snakehead reveals itself and then there has to be some urgency in presenting the bait because he isn’t waiting for you !! 2. Braided line - 20 lb is minimum and only on spinning rods. I use Seaguar 30 lb on baitcasting because it casts far but strong enough in most situations. I do have 50 lb when I’m in Lilly pads. 3. Double Polamar Knot - I use this knot when I use braid. Braid can slip easily so no improved clinch. 4. A black and a white Booyah Pad Crasher. I don’t care if it’s popping or traditional style. I would definitely have a full size and a mini. The Booyah has sharp hooks, has compact profiles, and is soft yet very durable. I use the Livetarget small frogs but they tear very easily and the hooks are smaller than Booyah. 5. I use a fluke, chattebait, senko - and these choices along with frog will get you through 99 percent of situations. 6. Please, please tie all lures directly to the braid. If you think they are line shy then use a black magic marker on the first 6 ft of your braided line. If you choose to use a leader - then remember it’s your day. 7. I use med heavy, heavy and mag heavy baitcasting rods with high speed 8-1 ratio casting reels. The penrod snakehead theory requires this tackle. The rods have strong backbone but with a tip that allows very accurate casting. The reels are able to handle 50 lb braid and are fast so I can reel the bait in quickly when out of the strike zone. This results in my lure staying in the strike zone for a greater proportion of the day. 8. Spinning reels - you can use but they have disadvantages. First they can’t handle big braid and they also
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