Morning session report - A big Jack and
September 06, 2017 Santa Maria 5 photos

Trip Summary

On our fishing expedition, sessions with fish chasing the baits and strikes are regular situations, especially during sunrise and sunset. This day didn't was an exception. Once on the spot, after a short offroad drive, the crew started to observe and evaluate the best strategy to approach the place. The scenario was a promise for a good fishing day. The spot, in this case, consists of a shallow rocky shore with a flat, going in front of us several meters. This less usual environment creates some small waves and a breaking point right where the fight takes place. Extra difficulty. The selection of baits is a consequence, and topwater or subsurface fishing is the best way in a case like this, and for a well-known spot to our team. In this case, we start fishing from different points and all anglers can comfortably cast simultaneously thanks to the big spaces available along the shore. After a couple of casts on a section of the spot, abundantly after the sunrise, is Carlo to wake up everybody, calling the "chasing fish" after that a big shape, followed him until the waves breaking point. This is the classic situation when the next cast may result decisive to let the fish strike. Under the guides close attention and with some useful real-time tips, after a few seconds and a dramatic explosion on the surface, Carlo is screaming "fiiish ooonnn"! Some energetic jerking to set the hook on the fish mouth and the rod is still bent to confirm the fish is hooked. No doubt about the opponent, it was a Horse Eye Trevally, unrivaled king of the inshore shallow waters. A thrilling and from the not obvious result fighting starts. The fish runs laterally, in both directions trying to take the line on the rocks coming out from the shallow. Here is the game essence, no mistakes allowed. No space for indecisions. The equipment also plays an important role. The reel's drag, for example, have to be set in accordance with the possible situations, before the session start. This is due to contrast correctly the fish during its "runs". Carlo, well prepaid and again with the support of the guiding team, with the right equipment manage to control almost all the fish moves. About 15min are sufficient to land the fish into a small pool to finally slow down the heart rate and honour the amazing fish with some good pictures. A "Horse Eye trevally", worthy brother of the more famous Giant Trevally (or GT as he is called between the tropical anglers), is now in front of our happy faces, with all his majesty. A very good shot, a Caranx of over 100cm, that will later result the biggest fish of the day. After the congratulations with Carlo, despite the fatigue visible in his face, the satisfaction was palpable in his eyes. Satisfaction to have caught one of the best fish of these waters. Is was still early, then filled with adrenalin, the group follow fishing with not less interesting results. Many strikes and other species of jack of good size, arrived under our feet. Caranx are not the only species appreciating out baits; Groupers and big needlefish filled up the day. Being this enough for the morning session, at around 10 am was the moment of a big breakfast to charge the battery, enjoy and talk about the biggest reward of the day: a beautiful fish caught on shallow water over a technique spot. After breakfast, we were already looking forward to the afternoon session.
Andrea Giard
Santa-maria, Cape Verde
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