August 22, 2015 by Tony Cecco

Trip Info

The Catch
Shark (Thresher)

Went offshore shark fishing with the Perullo Brothers and friends. The group said they wanted a really big shark today. I said to them “be careful of what you wish for ” boy was I wright “. After 15 minutes of chumming, we hooked up with two sharks at the same time. The 1st one was tail roped and secured in about 45 minutes.
The second one was a different story. After 5 hours of battling with the “Beast from the deep” the crew was exhausted. Every time we would get line on the reel, the fish would take another run and we would start all over again. We decided to put some more pressure on the beast in hopes of defeating him. Unfortunately the Penn International 50 with 80lb test line was no match for this battle . Game over, we busted the estimated
350-500lb shark off. The crew looked defeated but was happy to be returning home with a 175 lb shark for the grill.

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