400 pound Blue Marlin

August 23, 2020 by Greg Weaver

Trip Info


Great day offshore with this group, we started out shallow and stayed shallow, our first bite came in minutes of putting out our spread and we lost it but shortly after that our dredge pulled another one in and then two more.  About a half hour goes by and a big Blue Marlin commits suicide on our shotgun so we reel in the dredge and a white follows it to the boat so we drop down the shortrigger bait and it swallows it like a champ, we got that released while we were still fighting the blue, we got the blue leadered but it took a hard run as we tried to get it boat side, well 1 hour later we get the hook out and send it on its way.
Great day for WAYPOINT 5 for 6 and home at 3:30pm

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