MAZATLAN FISHING - April 14th, 2016

April 14, 2016 by Bibi Fleet Sportfishing

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Hello Amigos! Greetings from Mazatlan!

We’re having very nice weather with sunny days and low humidity. In general, it’s been a peculiar fishing season, for sure, but we’re expecting it to get back to normal soon as water temperatures are slowly changing and more game fish and bait fish are being found in our waters. Here’s our fish report.


Deep Sea.

The last thirty days have been tough on billfish, but we’ve still caught some Striped Marlin and Sailfish.

As we mentioned in our previous report, some Blue Marlin were spotted and caught in Mazatlan during the first week of March. The unusual event, for this month, continued during the following weeks all the way to early April. We ask ourselves again: Is this just an early migration? Or will we have a long Blues season all the way to the fall?

Other fish caught in the last month include: Yellow Fin Tuna, Bullet Mackerel and Skipjack Tuna.

What’s biting?
Best bait these days has been Mullet, but we’re also using Skipjack Tuna and lures..


Inshore Fishing.

Bottom fishing has been excellent as it usually is year round. Trips during the last month have produced good numbers of: Red Snapper, Spotted Rose Snapper, Yellow Snapper, Spotted Grouper, Beardfish, White Sea Bass, Jack Crevalle, Pacific Pompano, Trigger Fish, Grunt, Porcupine Fish, Barracuda, Croaker, Goggle Eye, Mojarra and Cat Fish. Hundreds of fish have been caught and released.

Best bait: Shrimp (dead and live).

Special mention to boy anglers Luis Felipe and Miguel Ángel (photo attached) who had an oustanding catch that included several good sized Pacific Pompanos and Spotted Rose Snappers. The grown ups had a great time, too!


Mangrove Fishing.

Very good for Snook, Red Snapper, Black Snapper and White Sea Bass.

Best bait: Live shrimp.


Water Temperature is currently: 76 F.
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