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Ink season is here !

October 13, 2016 by Peter Kodre

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Ink season is another name for the cephalopod fishing season, such as - cuttlefish, squid and octopus. We don’t fish for them because of the ink, we fish for them, for fun and because of their tasty meat.

Fishing for cuttlefish and squid is particulary interesting, because we use artifical bait, in Slovenian language called “pušče” and internationally named “egi”.
Egi are different from other bait. Instead of hooks they have spiky nets. Manufacturers offer many different types in different colours and for fishing in various conditions (I will tell you more about this, some other time).

Cuttlefish and squid inhabit our seas practically for the whole year, but we fish for them in colder months, because their numbers are higher at this time. Amongst fishermen and cooks, squids are more desirable, because some specimens reach up to 2 kilograms in weight (4.4 lbs).

We can fish for them from the shore or from a boat. It’s best to fish for them at sunrise or sunset. If we fish for them during the day, it’s better to move deeper.

Foto: ukk.photography

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