Deep Drop Delight: A Successful Fishing
March 12, 2023 Denarau Island 3 photos

Trip Summary

Our deep drop fishing trip turned out to be a real success. We spent the day on the water, dropping our lines and waiting patiently for a bite. It didn't take long before we started reeling in some good catches. We were able to land two sizable grouper that put up a good fight, and a snapper that was just as thrilling to catch. The weather was ideal and the peacefulness of the surroundings only added to the experience. It was a day of great fishing and relaxation, with a few big catches to make it even more special
Sidestep Fiji
Denarau-island, Fiji
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When it comes to booking a fishing charter with Sidestep Fiji, its guests on board are its number one priority and the crew’s focus is not only catching fish but ensuring that it delivers the best possible experience. Captain Antonius and his deckha...

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