Released White Marlin on February 6,2017
February 06, 2017 Bridgetown 3 photos

Trip Summary

We commenced our fishing trip in-shore, I spotted some birds at first but kept going but only after a few minutes I saw them very active picking low the surface, and I spotted some flying fish being chased by a large cow Dorado! I then continued my pursuit of which the fish was really chasing and jumping clear at top speed chasing the flying fish, ultimately the bird was the successor in picking the flying fish as they jumped from the chasing dolphin fish, it was spectacular to see nature at its best! We did manage to get the dolphin in our spread who hit two lines but didn't stick. We then continued on the contour further where we hooked up on a 38lb Wahoo! we set back up our gear and with 5 minutes we had one outrigger line pull, then the other outrigger line pulled and we managed then to get that stick! It was a White Marlin tail dancing what a sight! After 10 minute fight we released the White Marlin at the back of the boat which was our clients first marlin and one of his target fish on this trip!
Ralph White
Bridgetown, Barbados
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