Verify your listing and get more bookings

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Verify your listing and get more bookings

Want to show customers you're a legitimate business? Want more bookings? Upload your documents today, increase your rankings and present your business in the best possible light.

Complete your process in three easy steps


Send us photos of your documents

Take photos of your documents and upload them through the verification page or send them to [email protected].

We check your

Our Compliance Specialists check your credentials within a couple of working days. Meanwhile, you can track the progress of your verification on your Captain App.

Congratulations! You’re fully verified

Once we have confirmed all your credentials are in order, we give you a big green verification badge for your profile and every listing.

What documents should you upload?

Update Your Availability

What documents should you upload?

To fully verify you, we need to see:

Your Captain's/Skipper's license or Freshwater Guide license.
Your local commercial fishing license – the license provided by your local licensing authority that allows you to take paying passengers fishing.
Your Boat Registration Certificate.
Your Boat Insurance Policy.
*We ONLY need to see your ID if your Captain's license does not have a picture of you on it."
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We understand the need for privacy

Not feeling comfortable sharing? Please, don't! We care about your privacy. You can also feel free to cover or black out any private info on your documents (address, DOB, etc.)

You can blackout sensitive info you don’t want us to see (addresses, DOBs, etc.)

Let’s verify your business

It only takes 5 minutes