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Fishing in Maldives

Tiny tropical paradise, the Maldives have long been known as one of the 'fishiest' locations in the world, due to its vast biodiversity and colorful marine life. With a third of its population employed by the fishing industry, expect only the best and most seasoned of fishing guides, bound to put you on fish any day of the year!

Known For

Nearly 2,000 coral islands, Whale Watching, Immense Biodiversity, Tons of unspoiled beaches, Extraordinary Midnight Fishing, Venus clams, Heavy duty trolling, Island weddings, Manta Rays, Thaara music, Ithaa underwater restaurant, Bottlenose dolphins and Whale Sharks, Prime diving destination, Surfing paradise

Rules & Regulations

If the distance from the beach to the reef edge of the inhabited island is greater than 1000m, fishing beyond 700m boundary of the reef is open to all. Fishing from the reefs of a tourist resort shall only be carried out after obtaining permission from the tourist resort. Fishing from individual reefs that are not part of an island, or sand bank or any other dry area is permitted. Fishing other than by use of nets is permitted from the reefs of Male`.

Types of Fishing

Jigging for massive Tuna and GTs, Remarkable night fishing opportunities, Major Marlin and Sailfish hotspots, Bottom fishing for giant Groupers and Snappers, Shore fishing for hundreds of pelagics, Extremely rewarding fly-fishing experience