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Top Fishing Charters in Sorrento

Fishing in Sorrento

With its fleet of fishing charters Sorrento is the intersection of a dream holiday and endless fishing opportunities. The limestone shop front, rows of beige houses, and boats buzzing in and out of this high-end township, Sorrento has the charm and peace you need. The city lies just an hour ride away from Melbourne. Overlooking the Bass Strip and the Port Phillips waters, Sorrento offers a range of water activities, including fishing, kayaking, boat tours, and unwinding on its sand beaches.

Known for

Sorrento dates back to the 19th century. It was one of the first settlements in this part of Australia. Sorrento saw the first hospital, court, and postal service of the country of Victoria. The town has preserved much of its limestone facade, and is deeply linked to its history and culture.

If you happen to come here for a fishing trip, consider yourself lucky. Not just because teeming fishing grounds lie literally off the dock. But because Sorrento can add that little something to your fishing trip. Rich history and rich fisheries make a perfect match for anglers coming here to unwind.

Port Phillip Heads, Port Phillip Bay, and Ticonderoga Bay

Sorrento fishing charters don’t need to travel far to put you on fish. It’s enough to take a quick boat ride heading towards the Port Phillip waters or the Heads to get to the finest of fisheries. Often times, it’s only a 15 minute ride before you can sink your bait and start bottom bouncing for Snapper. This is excellent if you want to take your family out for a fun day.

Sorrento fishing is a great match for less experienced anglers. Not that veteran fishermen won’t have anything to catch; quite the opposite. But, kids are going to love the action. With all the Snapper, Flathead, King George Whiting, and Silver Trevally available, you’re going to give them a holiday to remember. The bay waters are rich and artificial reefs span across Port Phillip Bay to take fishing to a whole new level.

The state of Victoria is really big for Gummy Shark, and other Shark for that matter. Gummy Sharks, but also Long-finned Pike, Australian Salmon, even Wrasse, Leatherjacket, and Samson fish are a common target for many local charters. And if this doesn’t get you hooked, how about numerous fishing spots around the bay? If there are no takers in one spot, captains can quickly get you to other fishing grounds.

If you’re heading to the Rip, make sure to go with a seasoned captain. This stretch of water indeed has good fishing, but the tide can suddenly change and it might be a problem to navigate safely. These waters fish well for Salmon, Wrase, and some Leatherjacket.

The Port Phillip Heads produces really nice Snapper, especially as they enter the Bay waters in mid-October. Anglers go crazy for them, and so do we. They are fun to catch and super tasty.

What to expect from a bay trip and how much does it cost?

Typically, trips aboard local charters will take you fishing for Snapper, Wrasse, King George Whiting, Salmon, Flathead, Trevally, and Sharks. The trips usually come as a shared option, and you will be fishing with other anglers. This is a nice deal if you want to be fishing and maybe make some new friends. These trips usually take up to a dozen of people.

For a half day trip, the price is AUD 120 per head, while full day trips usually cost around AUD 180 per person. If you’re a complete novice or a fishing with kids, a five hour trip should be a good starting point. Most of the time, all the gear you need is onboard.

Ocean fishing off Sorrento

When the tide allows it, you can head to the ocean side. There, contrary to popular belief, the fish are not necessarily bigger. But, it’s true that the Bass Strait opens up new fishing possibilities. The further offshore you go, you can encounter more species, and at times, these game fish can be massive.

The most popular fish in the Bass Strait are Yellowtail Kingfish. Their numbers have declined, but the very sight of them can be super exciting for local anglers — and getting one is a whole new story. They can often reach over five kilos, some even over eight.

The biggest stars are by far Mako and Thresher Sharks. Experienced anglers, get ready. When Mako and Thresher make their appearance, it’s a roller coaster ride. You will see them leap 10 metres out of the water, so better be prepared come November. Tuna and Couta are a good bait.

If you feel like this isn’t enough action for you, sure you can head far out. In autumn, you might get Swordfish, some Trevally, and Tuna.

What to expect from Sorrento offshore fishing and what’s the price?

Expect excitement and a real feat. Sorrento offshore fishing is not exactly for the beginners. It’s not the distance, but more the tide that can be tricky. So, if you do have some experience, consult with a local captain and see what’s on the chew. The rates are not necessarily higher, though sometimes you will get customized rates from a captain if you want a specialized trip.

These offshore trips are usually private charters, so expect something around AUD 2300 and more. Also, the offshore charters often take up to six people, which is great if you really want to get to the fish and have the crew to yourself.

Rules and regulations

You will need to bring a recreational fishing license. If you’re traveling with kids, they don’t need a fishing license. Also, anglers over 70 don’t need to purchase one. Fishing in Victoria is well-regulated, which means that you need to follow a couple of ground rules. Luckily, the marine authorities are clear and concise.

Types of fishing

Let’s have a look at the most common fishing techniques you should try out in Sorrento. From good old bait fishing to bottom bouncing and trolling, Sorrento fishing really pushes you to perfect your skills, with enough fun to enjoy it. The local charters care deeply about the whole experience, meaning your safety, the boat, ride, the tide, the lunch, catch cleaning, and all other little things that can affect your trip.

Bay side

If you explore the Port Phillip Bay, you will mostly be trying out bait fishing. This applies to Atlantic Salmon, Mulloway, Flathead, Silver Trevally, and the rest of the lot. Pilchards and pupies are the most common bait. If you’re targeting King George Whiting, you should have mussels ready, as well as pilchards.

Sorrento oceanside

Once past the Rip and into the Bass Strait, and you will need to have a stable vessel, heavy tackle, and a skillful skipper by your side. The fish are feisty and the fishing is good year round as one peak season follows the other. The warm months call for trolling for Tuna, Mackerel, or popping for some Giant Trevally.

If you happen to be targeting Pink Snapper, starting somewhere in late August, you will be bottom bouncing for best results. This however can sometimes get you a Mako Shark as they bite like mad. Also, an odd Thresher Shark might drop by. Floatlining can work really well for Snapper. Make the bait look like a part of the berley trail. Use a light and a heavy sinker here. Another cool way to get Snapper are skirted jigs.

Another popular technique is jigging for Yellowtail Kingfish. The current plays a major role here, as without it, you won’t have the bite. Look for the reefs, edges of the reefs, especially sandy ones. Kingfish love to congregate there.

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Sorrento Fishing Seasons

The summer is in full swing. That means that the bay and the ocean fishing will be lucrative. Yellowtail Kingfish are trending now. Check out the reefs for a nice prize.

The water is still warm. If you stay in the Bay, you can fish for Whiting. Out there, you might get Tuna, as well as Yellowtail Kingfish.

The fishing is dwindling in some parts. There are some Yellowtail Kingfish in the Strait. Around the bay waters, anglers readily get Australian Salmon.

You can catch Whiting, Salmon, some Snapper. Far out, Swordfish makes appearance. Many charters now move to Portland to get Tuna.

The winter is slowly approaching. You can get Salmon around the bay waters. There are some reef species so you might give it a try and see what’s on the chew.

The winter is here. Now, you could be fishing for Gummy Shark. They are the main thing to target here these days.

July fishing can be hit and miss if you’re looking just for a catch. Otherwise, it’s plain fun. King George Whiting should be biting. You should also find Salmon around the Port Phillip.

Gummy Shark are still popular. Look out for sandy bottoms and reef edges to see if you can spot some early Snapper.

Local anglers can get Pink Snapper, Flathead, some Cod, as well as Salmon. Leatherjacket is a year-round option, as well, so check out the Mornington Pier. 

Silver Trevally are starting to bite. You can get them from a pier or a charter. Work soft plastics slowly to get them. Squid season is coming to a close.

Snapper are pretty big right now. Of course, the always-popular Mako Shark have arrived so get ready for muscle-popping action.

Again, Snapper are the go-to species. The Bay waters fish well for Silver Trevally. Garfish, Leatherjacket, and Flathead are another option. Don’t forget Sharks!

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Raymond J. fished with Rip Charters - 36’ Rip Runner on February 11, 2017

Make sure that you are on time, frustrating if you have to wait for tardy people.

Top Targeted Species in Sorrento

Yellowtail Amberjack

Shark (Mako)

Shark (Thresher)

Salmon (Australian)

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