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Belmar is a classic New Jersey tourist town, complete with a scenic boardwalk and sandy beaches. Belmar fishing charters have been catering to the summer crowds for years, and both private charters and party boats head out every day throughout the summer in search of big, tasty fish. It’s a great place to launch from, too. The coast is lined with rocky, oyster-covered structure (unique by NJ standards) and the deeper waters are littered with wrecks. Head even further, and you hit the Canyons - otherwise known as “the East Coast’s big game playground.”
What does this mean for you? In short, a lot of fish! Fluke and Weakfish top the shallow-water action, joined by big Striped Bass and Bluefish in many inshore spots. Head out 10-20 miles or so, and you start to find Blackfish (Tautog), Seabass, and some of the biggest Bass and Blues you could hope for. Add in Belmar’s awesome Shark and Tuna action, and you have a well-rounded fishery with enough boats to make sure you get what you’re after. No wonder so many people spend the summer here.

Belmar Fishing Spots

Belmar Fishing can be pretty hit and miss. Drop your lines just anywhere and you’re likely to come up empty. Head to the right spots, and you’ll go home with enough fish to fill the freezer and feed the family. Your captain will have their favorite honey holes, but here are a few of the famous spots you might visit on your trip.

Shark River

You don’t have to head far to find fish. This spot is right in town, and is great for Fluke fishing. Points like The Tennis Courts are a particular favorite of local anglers, thanks to their big numbers of these tasty flatfish.

Mud Hole

The Mud Hole is more of a general area than a specific spot. It’s one of the most important places in Northern Jersey, though. Anything from Tautog and Seabass to Bluefish to giant Sharks and Tuna show up in its depths.

17 Fathoms

This rocky area sits in around 100 feet of water (as you may have guessed). It’s a classic spot for big Bluefish, and also holds plenty of Blackfish during the fall and winter.

Glory Hole

Out in the deeper reaches of the Mud Hole, this spot is known for its awesome Shark fishing. Makos, Threshers, Blues, and other toothy predators spend their summers hunting here, giving you some serious heavy tackle action.

Texas Tower & Bacardi

These two huge wrecks sit around 65 miles offshore, and are a staple of the Belmar deep sea fishing scene. Huge Bluefin Tuna show up here in the summer, as do Yellowfin Tuna and a variety of Sharks.

Chicken Canyon

If you’re after the biggest of the big game, you won’t find better fishing than out at the Canyons. Chicken Canyon is the most common destination out of Belmar. You can find Blue Marlin out here in the summer, as well as Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna and Blue, Porbeagle, and Thresher Sharks.

Fishing Techniques

Belmar party boats will usually focus on drifting and bottom fishing to make sure everyone onboard gets to enjoy the action. This is a great way to pull in tasty bottom-dwellers like Tautog, Seabass, Flounder, and more on the cheap. You may be able to target some Sharks or Stripers on these trips, too.
Step aboard a private charter, and you have much more flexibility. You can spend your day pulling in tasty bottom fish or go after something with a bit more fight in it. Throwing topwater lures to Bluefish and Striped Bass is a great way to enjoy Belmar’s nearby spots. Head further out, and the Bluefish themselves become the bait. Throw them to hungry Sharks to start a feeding frenzy or follow schools of them to troll and cast for Bluefin Tuna as they hunt on the surface.

Need to Know

You don’t need a fishing license aboard Belmar fishing charters. If you’re heading out on your own, you may need a permit for specific species or areas, but there is no general saltwater license in New Jersey. Bear in mind that seasons and limits may change year on year. Fishing with a guide is the easiest way to stay within the law.
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Belmar Fishing Seasons


The huge crowds and sunny days of summer are a long way off in January. Hardy anglers can be well rewarded this time of year with catches of Cod and Tautog, though.


What could be more romantic than a wild, seaside stroll along Belmar’s beautiful boardwalk? How about a tasty fish dinner of freshly-caught Blackfish? There are plenty around!


The summer fishing season finally starts to get going in March, with the arrival of Striped Bass. Flounder are also open for harvest this time of year, making for even more tasty food fishing!


The Jersey Shore Beach ‘n’ Boat Tournament kicks off in April. This event runs all season, with payouts of $1,000 and $500 for the first and second biggest fish across many different species.


The Belmar Seafood Festival is a great place to enjoy a ton of delicious treats in May. Otherwise, go catch your own! Stripers, Black Drum, Bluefish, and Seabass are all in season.


Shark season is well underway by June, with Makos, Threshers, and other Shark species tearing into schools of Bluefish offshore. Closer to home, Seabass make for great table fare.


The deep sea spots explode with a range of big game pelagics in July. Blue Marlin, Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Sharks put even the most seasoned anglers through their paces.


August is a great month for any species - assuming you can take the heat. Blackfish, Scup, Flounder, Seabass, and more fill coolers inshore, and the Marlin and Tuna bite is on fire!


The summer fishing frenzy is still going strong, with every major species biting hard both inshore and offshore. When the fishing’s this good, the hardest part is deciding what to target!


Summer may be over, but the offshore bite shows no sign of stopping! Yellowfin Tuna and Mahi Mahi can still be caught in October, and there’s a chance of Marlin, too.


The season officially ends and the year’s biggest catches are announced at the closing of the Jersey Beach ‘n’ Boat Tournament. There are still a ton of tasty fish out there, though!


Most fish have moved on by December, but you can get some productive bottom fishing in for Cod and Tautog all winter long. There are also plenty of Striped Bass and Bluefish around.

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