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The Chetco River fishing scene provides some of the best fall Chinook Salmon and winter Steelhead in Oregon! If you’re hearing this for the first time, it’s probably because the Rogue River takes all the spotlight for this region. Head out to Brookings, less than 30 miles south of Gold Beach, and discover another gem of Oregon’s southern coast.

What to Catch

Huge Chinook Salmon are what the Chetco River is famous for! Considering the size of the river, it’s unusual to have so many 40-pounders as a regular catch, with occasional 50-pounders. Catching these record-breaking specimens isn’t easy and they don’t just jump into the boat – you’ll have to find an experienced guide, who specializes in river fishing.
While Chinook take the lead in terms of weight, winter Steelhead run the show when it comes to numbers. It’s rare to come across a guide who doesn’t target them, as this is one of the few places where you can keep wild fish. Resident Cutthroat Trout are usually available in the tributaries with cooler water and fewer anglers.
As most of the fishing guides are located in Brookings, you can also choose an ocean trip. This brings more variety concerning fish species – Lingcod, Crab, Rockfish, Halibut, and Coho Salmon join the game.

How to Choose a Guide

The main difference is whether you want the river or the ocean trip. You can always check with the captain which fishing spots he goes to but there’s one simple way to figure it out – if you want a river trip, look for a guide with a drift boat; if you want an ocean trip, find a guide with a bigger engine boat.

When to Go

Chinook Salmon make their run into the bay at Brookings in the early fall. Fishing in the river is great Sep–Dec. Steelhead season starts in December, peaks in January, and holds up until March. Cutthroat Trout fishing is good in spring, and they return in late summer as well. All fishing guides are aware of the fishing regulations and they’ll know which fish can be kept and which have to be released.
Choosing the right fishing guide ensures you’ll have a successful day on the water, regardless of your previous fishing experience. Easily accessible, bountiful, and serene – that’s how the Chetco River’s fishing spots can be summarized. Explore the hidden treasure of Oregon, where the Chetco River awaits you!
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The year starts with plenty of action! The Chetco River is famous for huge numbers of winter Steelhead. Now, imagine how great the fishing is in January, when the season peaks.
Steelhead fishing is still great in the river. If you’re more interested in an ocean or bay trip, you’ll have great chances of catching Crab, Rockfish, and Lingcod.
With the end of winter, the Steelhead fishing season comes to a close. You can still experience great fishing but now it’s more weather dependant.
The beginning of spring brings strong Cutthroat Trout fishing. You can usually find them upstream, in higher areas than Steelhead. 
Cutthroat Trout are still the best option for river fishing but Spring Chinook are also available. If you’re fishing the ocean, you’ll have a great time targeting Halibut, Lingcod, and Rockfish.
Early summer usually brings more water sports than fishing opportunities on the river. You’ll have better chances to catch if you target Lingcod, Rockfish, and Halibut.
River fishing isn't at its best in July. Instead, explore the town's land-based opportunities, or head out for an ocean adventure if you still want to cast your line.
If you simply cannot wait for fall to catch Salmon, you can go after Cohos in the ocean. Try out trolling, spinning, or jigging for other species, such as Halibut and Rockfish.
You’ll find most fishing guides trolling the bay of Brookings in September. Big Chinook Salmon start their upstream run and gather at the mouth of the river.
This month is definitely worth waiting for! October is the best time of the year for Chinook fishing. Large Chinooks are heading out to their spawning grounds and this is your time to shine as an angler.
Chinook Salmon’s peak season ends in November. If you’re an experienced angler or simply love a challenge, try landing one on the fly.
Chinook are still available, but something even better starts in December – winter Steelhead fishing. Find a guide that can take you to Alfred A. Loeb State Park, one of this area’s hotspots.

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FAQs about Fishing Charters in Chetco River

According to customer reviews, Steve Huber - Chetco & Smith Rivers, Steve Huber – Brookings Ocean Fishing, and Phil's Smiling Salmon Guide Service are some of the most popular fishing charters in Chetco River. Full list of top fishing charters in Chetco River.

Steve Huber - Chetco & Smith Rivers, Steve Huber – Brookings Ocean Fishing, and Phil's Smiling Salmon Guide Service all received great reviews from families who booked fishing trips in Chetco River.

The best way to experience fishing in Chetco River is to book a private charter with a licensed fishing guide. See the full list of charters available for online booking here: List of fishing charters in Chetco River.

The top 6 fish species targeted on guided fishing trips in Chetco River are:

The beginning of spring brings strong Cutthroat Trout fishing. You can usually find them upstream, in higher areas than Steelhead.    Check availability for local fishing charters in Chetco River.