Cajun Unlimited Fishing Reports

Redfish/Redsnapper March

March 14, 2017

Sonny and family left the snow in Chicago to warmer weather in Venice, Louisiana. Nice on the water with plenty red fish and red snapper in the box. Mix of sheepshead and varietys of fish. What a trip and… Read Full Report →

June trout, red/mangrove snapper combo

June 22, 2016

Incredible fishing day catching 70 specks in less than an hour. Then ten minutes to the rigs we hit up on big red snapper and mangroves in one spot. Non stop action and done before 11:am. Typical June end… Read Full Report →

Speckled trout piled up

June 08, 2016

George and wife had a speckled trout mayhem today. As fast as the lines would hit the water we were tossing em in the boat. Laughter in the air, nice and cool cloud cover and a boat load of… Read Full Report →

Pompano redfish day

May 24, 2016

Pompano and redfish were in full force with Kelly today. Rods were bending on every cast along with drum and sheepshead. What a beautiful day and fishing. Read Full Report →

Snapper / redfish

May 21, 2016

A red snapper red fish day with Mr. Joe. They were wore out on snapper alone. Great day on Saturday. Read Full Report →


May 18, 2016

Bill from Texas with friends from Baton Rouge, La. Fished with us today. Early limits of 18 plus lb red snapper. Trout started slow with a couple of 3-4 pounders. Then a pair of bull redfish. Then like magic… Read Full Report →

Specks, Snapper, Redfish in May

May 06, 2016

Speckled trout, red snapper, redfish on every guided trip. The poles have been bent over, hands gripping rods and laughter on the faces. All trips past week have been incredible. The weather is incredible and the fishing is incredible.… Read Full Report →

Speckled Trout early April end

April 27, 2016

Enjoyed the past three days guiding customers on their own 27' Blackwood. Two man limits of speckled trout and plenty bull redfish to top off the trips. Weather and water is nice, trout are on fire with all the… Read Full Report →

April Venice fishing

April 09, 2016

Five straight days of April fishing non stop action. Big redfish 8-40lb, 18-22lb red snapper, mangrove snapper, drum/sheepshead, flounder. Fish action is incredible. New Mexico group three days of different locations, different scenery and lots of fish. Shreveport La.… Read Full Report →

March, the best fishing month

March 05, 2016

Four days of boat loads of fish out of Venice, La. March madness, the fish are piled up and taking lines every stop all over the gulf. Kevin and Mr George picked day one for reds and sheepshead and… Read Full Report →

Red Snapper / Redfish/ sheepshead

February 22, 2016

Big 20 pound Red Snapper less than a mile inland in 30ft of water. Insane catching big Lemon Sharks and bull reds too. Sooo many red snapper at every stop. Red fish and drumfish inland on windy days. Sheepshead… Read Full Report →

Winter Red Snapper/Redfish

January 25, 2016

Monday and Tuesday were open windows of nice weather for big red snapper and redfish less than 4 miles on our inland charters. Mr Darrel and Shane from Texas has a blast. This weekend starting Friday we have openings… Read Full Report →

Winter Red Snapper

January 14, 2016

In between cold fronts there are great windows of opportunity to catch big red snapper less than 5 miles from shore. Last three groups on Ducks and red snapper combo 3 days in a row. Duck season is now… Read Full Report →

October specks are here

October 25, 2015

Caught 75 speckled trout fifteen minutes from the dock. Insane, as fast as we put our lines down trout were on. Big redfish yesterday and a small window today with the rains on the way and put all limits… Read Full Report →

October Red Fish Fury

October 03, 2015

Break of dawn cloudy and cool. Live croaker in the Mississippi River 30lb plus red fish stripping on the drop. Nonstop action tossing in Big Reds for blacken red fish and half shell grillings. Then a stop by the… Read Full Report →

September red fish fury

September 26, 2015

Red fish on fire and furious bite first stop. Ten chasing another as we reel them in. Incredible. Even the kids can cast, catch and reel em in. Easy, fast and fun. All size reds tossed on the boat.… Read Full Report →

They wanted BIG FISH!!!!

August 31, 2015

Tom from Arkansas struck out on an offshore trip. At the last minute we cross paths and they are set on an inshore trip. They wanted big fish, no small fish. Water was like glass, big tarpon running the… Read Full Report →

Big reds in calm waters

August 26, 2015

Gary and Mike from Texas fishing Big Redfish in calm waters with us. Strong NE wind, first cool front of the year and Bull reds are on fire. Then we put it on the young reds with a light… Read Full Report →

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