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East Galveston Bay 4/30/2024
East Galveston Bay 4/30/2024
April 30, 2024
Surface water temperature 76 degrees. Water clarity is normal for East Galveston Bay, with the further East you travel the more stirred up the water is. With the high tides and strong South/Southeast winds we battled this week we were limited to fishing close to the shoreline over scattered shell and back in the back lakes to hide from the wind the best we could. As in previous weeks, if you see active bait the fish are close by. Anchor or PowerPole down and fan cast the entire area, as this week we were able to catch multiple limits of trout from just a couple of small areas. If you get into an area and do not see bait activity, make a few casts, and move on, as our experience has been, if you find good amounts of bait the fish are close by. This week we have thrown ¼ oz jig heads with Wac Attack straight tails in Monkey Milk, Top Waters, as well as marker 54 Glide Shrimp, under a 1’ – 2’ leader and a Fish Smack Popping Cork. The popping cork/shrimp setup was the top performer for our fishing clients this week resulting in some of the most aggressive bites of the year. We also managed to catch several over the slot Redfish this week in the same areas, as well as some nice flounder. Spring is finally here, and fishing is continuing to heat up as the water warms and the fronts blowing thru become less disruptive. If you are looking to get out on the water and beat the crowds, now is the perfect time to make it happen, and as always, we will design a trip around your expectations, and guarantee you will have a great time fishing East Galveston Bay. Until Next Time – Captain Jeff Brandon – Get the Net Guide Services, LLC – Year-Round Fishing Guide, 1183 N Stingaree Dr, Crystal Beach, Texas 77650
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Jeff Brandon
Bolivar-peninsula, Texas, United States
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Captain Jeff began fishing and hunting at the age of 5. It was there he developed a passion and love for sharing the outdoor experience with others. His primary waters are Galveston East Bay, docking out of Stingaree Canal, in Crystal Beach, where he has ...

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