Horizon Fishing Fishing Reports

Nice Sailfish caught by Oliver

December 22, 2017

Today's catch with this sailfish. Unfortunately,lost a big marlin estimated over 500lbs. Read Full Report →

Marcus from Singapore,,happy fisherman w

December 17, 2017

Another day in fishing paradise for Marcus fighting 3 Sailfish and boating one on his Full day trip and with some skipsjacks,yellowfins tunas and a barracuda. . Read Full Report →

484 lbs Black Marlin caught on Horizon

October 19, 2017

Atte from Finland and his family caught this nice size Black Marlin and 10 Wahoos after a half day fishing trip. Read Full Report →

Nice size Striped Marlin on Horizon

September 30, 2017

Mr Fabre from Marseille and his beautiful Striped Marlin.Happy fisherman who was at his 1st big game fishing trip in Mauritius. Read Full Report →

Marlin season already started on Horizon

September 28, 2017

The three past days trip on Horizon fishing trips shows that the season already started with two Blue Marlins,some beautiful doradoes and nice size skip jack tunas. Read Full Report →

BluHe Marlin 656lbs on Horizon

April 25, 2017

Half day fishing.Afternoon trip. Less than one hour after the departure,we had the strike and after nearly 2 hours fight, we finally boated the marlin. Very happy fishermen. Read Full Report →

616lbs Blue Marlin

October 21, 2016

Three hours and ten minutes fight with a Blue Marlin weighting 616pounds. Very happy fishermen for this half day fishing trip. Read Full Report →

Nice fishing day for Harry from Germany

March 12, 2016

A nice yellowfin tuna weighting 99 pounds fished by Harry on Horizon. Harry from Germany was amazed about the power of that fish with big resistance behind the boat Read Full Report →

fishing team from Bulgary

March 08, 2016

One giant yellow fin tuna of 172 pounds,a sailfish of 74 pounds and three dorados. Very happy fishermen after their fishing trip on Horizon. Read Full Report →

250 lbs Blue Marlin on Horizon

January 31, 2016

Nice 250 lbs Blue Marlin and a Wahoo caught by Denis and his friends from France on Horizon.We left at 6.15,light SE wind, good conditions for a nice fishing day.Caught a Wahoo first and just after,Marlin strike. The marlin… Read Full Report →

Amazing fishing trips with Christian.

January 22, 2016

Amazing fishing trips with our guest friend Christian from Blackpool.He had eight full day trips and caught a big variety of fish such as skipjack and yellow-fin tunas,dorados,barracudas,wahoos and a beautiful 300pound blue marlin on his last day trip.There… Read Full Report →


December 11, 2015

first time fishing trip for a couple ending with a sailfish and two barracudas.very good conditions today with light wind coming from the north east,lots of dolphins playing around the boat. Read Full Report →

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