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Deep sea fishing co Sunshine Coast  Aboa
Deep sea fishing co Sunshine Coast Aboa
June 6, 2024
Deep sea fishing co Sunshine Coast Aboard Catch 22 - Deep sea 7 - Deep sea 11 June has been fishing pretty good . Plenty of long tail tuna around for the last few weeks and the reefies have been productive aswell…, snapper , perlies, mosis, Jew, gold band, sweet lip , cod, mackerel, tuskies have been great . With the sudden drop in water temperatures the last few weeks have got the fish moving and hungry . Plenty of blue fin around all our 3 boats have been really having some fun on these all week Sweetlip, snapper , scarlet perch , Spanish mackerel, king fish, tuskies, perlies are all going in the esky’s. Weather normally gets really good from mid may most years so let’s go ! we have 3 boats designed especially for offshore fishing A boat to suit all groups small and large or book individually Deep sea fishing co Sunshine Coast top fishing charter operation with three boats available for booking CATCH 22 - DEEPSEA 7 - DEEPSEA 11 Deep sea fishing co Sunshine Coast , located Queensland , Australia, offers deep sea fishing trips and experiences for all skill levels . They provide a range of services including: Half day , 3/4 day and full day charters Shared and private charters Experienced captain and crew Targeting various species , including snapper, pearl perch and cobia Fishing charters available on Sunshine Coast Deep sea fishing co Sunshine Coast - 5 hour $195 , 7 hour $285 and a 9 hour costs $330 Deep sea fishing co Sunshine Coast also offer whale watching and dolphin safaris June - October Bookings Ph**hidden content** Website **hidden content** Socials Deep Sea Fishing Co. Sunshine Coast
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EPIC offshore reef fishing with us!!
EPIC offshore reef fishing with us!!
July 21, 2023
Quality Reef Fish Do you love the thrill of reeling in a monster Mackerel? Always wanted to hook a Pearl Perch? Whether you’re a fishing aficionado or you’ve never held a rod, you’ll love our thrilling fishing charters off the coast of Noosa, Mooloolaba andMaroochydore. Deep Sea Fishing Co. Sunshine Coast offer affordable group tours and exclusive private tours for anglers of all ages and abilities. Local Fishing Adventures Book a half day, ¾ day or full day tour aboard our well-equipped fishing vessels. The team at Deep Sea Fishing Co. Sunshine Coast will provide everything you need for an exciting day out on the water, including rods, reels, bait, tackle, water and soft drinks. Plan a fun family day out or get your mates together for a wholesome day of fun—we cater to individuals, friend groups, team events, buck’s parties and more. All our charters depart from Noosa Marina 2 Parkyn Court Tewantin but as you venture off up to 30 mile offshore to the incredible reefs off Noosa, Moololaba and Maroochydore you will have the most EPIC day offshore fishing with us! Reefs we service BARWON BANKS Depth: 35-120m Distance: 45km Barwon Banks is a large reef system that covers around 23km running north south. This reef holds large numbers of snapper, pearl perch, amberjack, Venus tusk fish, hussar, Maori cod, jew fish, king fish, and many more bi catch species. A great reef to target pelagics aswell marlin, sailfish, dolphin fish, tuna etc. This reef producers well all year round, and has some insane fishing to be had. HARDS Depth: 50-80m Distance: 60km The Hards begins at the tip of the Barwon Banks and goes a further 20km north offering changing reef and bottom conditions along the way. This reef holds massive numbers of medium to large snapper, and pearl perch as the predominant target species. This reef is one of our favourites to target for snapper and awesome bottom fishing, also this reef producers well all year round. SUNSHINE REEF Depth: 20-35m Distance: 25km Well known for its pelagic fishing in the summer, in particular kingfish, mackerel and tuna varieties and can serve up some outstanding snapper, pearl perch, parrot, cobia, spangled emperor, grass sweetlip, trout and many other species. Sunshine Reef is a very good system (scattered boulders as per the National Park Hedland) mixed with coral reef and patches of sand. Grassies, snapper, pearlies, Venus tussle fish, coral trout, are commonly caught on this reef all year round. HALLS REEF Depth: 15-20m Distance: 5km Halls and Little Halls reefs are worthwhile spots to start the adventure on the way to more distant reefs. These areas can fish outstandingly well after prolonged rain as they are the closest structures to the river mouth and a big fresh pushes prawns, herring, mullet and other bait out into Laguna Bay. Halls is also a great place to deploy a bait jig and collect a few livies. JEW SHOAL Depth: 10m Distance: 5km Jew Shoal is a very good area for fat longtails and passing schools of spotted and Spanish mackerel in summer. In the winter you can pick up snapper, cod and sweetlip also a great spot to catch live bait on the way out to the bigger reefs. CHARDONS REEF Depth: 30-55m Distance: 25km Chardons Big Spaniards run up and down the coast out at Chardons and many marlin are hooked their too by trollers chasing the mackerel. Also holds good numbers of snapper, pearlies, Venus tusk fish, Moses perch, drag jew, silver jew, odd coral trout. NORTH REEF Depth: 40-55m Distance: 25km North reef is quite a large reef system consisting of weed beds gravel patches and bommies. This is a great area for big snapper, pearl perch, Venus tusk fish, Moses perch, Maori cod, silver jew, coral trout, cobia, yellowtail king fish, and great offshore fishing majority of the time. DOUBLE ISLAND POINT Depth: 40-75m Distance: 60km Double island fishes good all year round for red emperor, Scarlett sea perch, snapper, pearlies, hussar, and jew fish - Heaps of varieties of reefs including big ledges, gravel patches and weed beds. A massive reef start close to the headland and heads all the way out to inside the continental shelf off Fraser Island.
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Clinton Ruster
Tewantin, Queensland, Australia
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Book your next trip with Deep Sea Fishing Co. Sunshine Coast and find out what keeps anglers coming back to Tewantin for more. Your guide for the day is Captain Clinton, allowing you to benefit from years of local experience. Depending on conditions, you ...

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