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Cops and Vets
Cops and Vets
May 26, 2024
You know how they say, take a kid fishing? Well my new montra is, take a trooper and a couple veterans fishing ? the fish feared us today ? We took State Police Trooper Jerry, his father Randy and brother in law Mark out of Harrisville this morning, both veterans ?? Oh my ? three lines weren't even in the water when the first fish was hooked ? then it was lights out ?, with Jerry catching big fish of the year on the Huron side weighing in at 16.2 lbs ? But then Randy and Mark both brought in two fifteen pounders hooked at the same time for the first of two triples today. We pulled the Lake Trout gear and increased speed trying to find Cohos or Atlantics in the area, nothing doing, but the Lake Trout apparently didn't mind smaller spoons and three and a half miles an hour ?i can't even with these fish this spring. We ended up catching seventeen fish this morning releasing a few once our limits were taken. Five man limit inside of four hours ? crazy. What a great day on the water ? my mate Andy worked his butt off today as he ran the entire deck ( my auto pilot quit in Pentwater last week ?♂️) I had to old school drive the boat today ? What a fantastic fishery we have here to watch these guys fight these sea monsters was great fun. Randy explained they fight way better than a bluegill and checked off one of his bucket list items. Thank you for fishing with us gentlemen and thank you for your service #fishcopcharters #micharterfishing #familyfriendly #oscoda #Harrisville #alpenamichigan #michiganoutdoors #finnspoons
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Jeff Panich
Harrisville, Michigan, United States
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