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season 01/01/2017 to 31/01/2017

February 01, 2017

some pictures are here 2 days fishing nothing but fishing master NEVER GIVE UP we got 21 strike of marlin about 11 marlin we caught 2 marlin we release we got nice action and funny time Read Full Report →

8days fishing we got 9 strike of marlin

November 17, 2016

on 8days fishing we got 9 strike of marlin incould two salfish one we come back with only small bonito after 3 or 5hours figting the hook get out from the fish we have amazing action guest is very… Read Full Report →

season start very well and for jigg also

October 22, 2016

my regular guest was here and next day we start fishing he book for 12days fishing only one day no fish and 2days get only strike and the rest we catch fish everyday and get some amazing action and… Read Full Report →

Its the end of summer but still good

May 31, 2016

It takes place early in the morning with my regular guest. These actions we got are surely memorable for this summer. Awaiting the best to come in the winter hopefully. Read Full Report →

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