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Bananas, SCHAMANAS!!!

April 11, 2018

Okay, like many other anglers, I have discouraged my guests from bringing bananas on board my vessel. Always. It is no secret that bananas are bad luck when it comes to boats and fishing, and I have my own… Read Full Report →

Red Grouper and Grey Gold

March 17, 2018

Went out today in calm seas and gorgeous weather, with a super nice family from Wisconsin. Making the day even better, were all of the cooperative Red Grouper, Key West Grunts, Black Sea Bass and many other species that… Read Full Report →

Cold Weather - Hot Bite!

January 24, 2018

Grey skies and chilly temps didn't stop these 4 guys from catching some of the tasiest fish to swim our local water. Fortunately for the fish, this crew opted to release every one. A rare occasion, on my boat!… Read Full Report →

Steady Action

January 02, 2018

Started 2018 of right with a trip full of steady action. We caught Kingfish, Sanpper, Flounder, Sheepshead, Key West Grunts and more on a calm day, in super clear water. We could even see the bottom in 30'. Check… Read Full Report →


December 29, 2017

Rode out 6.5 miles with a Father and Son from South Dakota, to a local reef and had another great day. We caught Kingfish on top, as well as Grouper, Snapper, Hogfish and others on the bottom. But, we… Read Full Report →

Spice of Life

December 26, 2017

Had another great day last week with a Father and his 2 sons. Again, we caught fish from the top, all the way down to the bottom. Kingfish, Grouper, Snapper and even a surprise Tripletail. And, the weather was… Read Full Report →

Steady Action - Top to bottom!

December 20, 2017

Went out with a great couple from the Atlanta area and caught a grip of fish. We were hooking Kingfish on the surface by drifting shad under balloons and at the same time, were pulling up nice Grouper and… Read Full Report →


December 06, 2017

Spent the day with 4 people down for a business meeting, who handled even more business out on the water! In addition to the Grouper, Black Sea Bass and Key West Grunts, we were able to hook and boat… Read Full Report →


December 01, 2017

Went out several miles with a Father and his 2 teenage daughters a few days ago and found the hungry Kingfish! While the recent Super-moon may have slowed the daytime bottom bite, it didn't stop the King Mackerel from… Read Full Report →

Grouper On the Menu!

November 24, 2017

Took a couple cool guys out last week and EARNED our Grouper, that day! Every mile further we rode offshore, the seas got bigger and bigger. Half way to our spot, I asked the guys if they were sure… Read Full Report →

Overcoming BANANAS!

November 18, 2017

Took a nice family from Georgia out last weekend and found some cooperative fish. Among other species, we landed some nice Snapper and quality Kingfish. We also hooked some big Red and Gag Grouper, which got the better of… Read Full Report →


November 08, 2017

Went out with 3 people the other day and absolutely CRUSHED it! Had one of our best days in terms of the variety, action, and sizes of the fish we landed. Sime of which included Banded Rudderfish, Bonita, Hogfish,… Read Full Report →

HOGS, GROUPER and a KING at the end!

October 28, 2017

Braving the wind and waves paid off yesterday for us as we boated quality Gag Grouper, Kingfish and some nice Hogfish. Live shrimp on knocker-rigs got the piggies and cut shad tricked the Gags. After the wind forced us… Read Full Report →

The Kings Are Back!

October 01, 2017

What a nice surprise it was to see more birds than usual, diving on more bait than usual, right off the beaches! The water temp was just above 80 degrees and although it was a few weeks earlier than… Read Full Report →

Scouting Areas

September 20, 2017

Owing my own son a fishing trip for too long, I took him and a couple of buddies out to an area I dont fish that often and got into a mixed bag. Dropping down live shrimp and cut… Read Full Report →

1st Trip After Hurricane Irma...

September 16, 2017

After two weeks off the water preparing for and cleaning up after Hurricane Irma, Deep Color finally got back at it. With a Mom and her two young boys on board, we ran out 8.5 miles off the beach… Read Full Report →

Grouper Digging!

August 20, 2017

Had a great day with a couple of East Coast Floridians. Found BOTH keeper Red and Gag Grouper in only 35 feet of water! Along with those, we landed a handful of Snappers, White Grunts, Spanish Mackerel and more… Read Full Report →

Angel Fish and MORE

August 09, 2017

Went out a bit further with some friends made thru Deep Color Fishing, and we had an awesome day! Fishing mostly with live shrimp in 43-51 feet, we rounded up Hogfish, Mangrove Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, White Grunts, Red Grouper,… Read Full Report →

Menacing MONSTORS (and more)...

August 09, 2017

We took out 2 dads with their 2 boys and got into some MONSTERS! After going through tons of short Red Grouper and loading up on Key West Grunts, we went a bit deeper and floated into straight up… Read Full Report →

Grouper Digging!

July 28, 2017

Took a Dad and his 2 young boys out to a secret hard bottom area for a half day trip and had a blast. After a 10 mile ride ride, we immediatly got into red-hot action on Red Grouper… Read Full Report →

Full moon - Schmull moon!

July 09, 2017

The bite is typically slower during the day trips around the full moon, but not today - check out the type of hogfish and snapper we pulled off the bottom! Read Full Report →

Saltwater Groceries

July 03, 2017

Took another Father-Son combo out and had another great day. We caught lots of fish off the local reefs and had a blast. The fiah we kept ate live shrimp, sardines and cut-bait. Check the pic of what we… Read Full Report →

Snapper Limits!

June 21, 2017

The weather prevented us from hitting the reefs out in the gulf, so, we stayed inside and got limits of Snapper! Read Full Report →

A "Walk-Off" Cobia!!

June 04, 2017

We had to make the trip a bit later in the day due to the rainy forecast, but the timing ended up being perect! After boating a handful of nice Snappers, some Grouper, Key West Grunts, Shark, and a… Read Full Report →

Everybody Catches!

May 31, 2017

Had a full boat with a Grandpa, his son, and his grandkids. Fishing the bottom with "knocker rigs" was unusually slow, but once we went with light jigs - it was ON. We caught a Cobia, a 2nd Cobia… Read Full Report →

Wanted something big, with TEETH

May 30, 2017

A coupleasure of newlyweds joined me last week for a trip, out looking for something big. Knowing that the Barracuda have been patrolling the local reefs, we took some extra tube jigs, and they worked! We kept one, along… Read Full Report →

Got 'em!

May 22, 2017

Squeezed in a half-day trip between the two weather fronts. The first reef was a little slow so, we rode up north a couple miles to the next one and it paid off! We caught several nice Snapper and… Read Full Report →

Bottom Action!

May 10, 2017

Was honored to have a soldier from the US Army, his wife, and his Father out last Wednesday. We started out at our regular spot right off the beach, but didnt findo the size we were hoping for. So,… Read Full Report →

Fish For Everyone!

May 01, 2017

Took an entire family from up North, and had nonstop action, all on the same spot. We had grips of live shrimp and caught fish after tasty fish! Practically the only time they weren't catching, was when they were… Read Full Report →

Banner Day!!!

April 19, 2017

Took out a Mom, Dad, antique theit two bous, and we CRUSHED it!! We began the day close to the beach and loaded up on Sea Trout and Pompano (along with Snapper, Sheepshead, etc). Then, we ran out 7… Read Full Report →

Fishing's Fabulous Females

March 24, 2017

Not too many things cooler for a Fishing Guide, than to Captain a charter with ladies only. Again, live shrimp was irresistible to gobs of quality Pompano, Sheepshead, Seat Trout, and more. They definitely could go "cast for cast",… Read Full Report →

Killing it...

March 23, 2017

Live shrimp on light jigs, we're (still), irresistible to the best tasting nuggets cruising the beaches. We caught so many NICE Pompano, Spotted Sea Trout, and Sheepshead. The fishing family took (some of) their bagged fillets to a local… Read Full Report →


March 07, 2017

Rode out with A great family from the Upper Peninsula last week and absolutely CRUSHED the fish! As usual, live shrimp did the dirty work in tricking gobs of fish to eat the wrong mean. We caught a mountain… Read Full Report →

Pompano Pounding!

March 01, 2017

Took a ride south along the beaches to a spot that has been ON FIRE, recently. We boated several FLOCKS of Sheep, some fat black drum, and grips of quality Pompano! Check out the pics! Read Full Report →

Catching Convicts

February 17, 2017

Took a young married couple and 10 dozen, live, shrimp out to a nearshore reef and wrecked the Sheepsheads. We hooked grips of sheep in about 30', with a couple of real fatties! We also nailed some Snapper and… Read Full Report →

Iowanian Brothers!

February 14, 2017

Took out a couple of brothers from Iowa yesterday and headed straight to a nearshore reef, about 8 miles from the John's Pass Bridge. Although, the full moon slowed the daytime bite down some, we still managed to boat… Read Full Report →

Snapper For Days...

February 02, 2017

Yesterday met us with perfect conditions and we took full advantage, limiting out on the snapper. The bite was on straight FIRE, as it was almost impossible to get a live shrimp to the bottom without it getting nailed.… Read Full Report →

Five Year Old Fun

January 19, 2017

Went out last Thursday with a couple from up North and their 5 yr old, grandson. The weather was perfect and the Grey Snapper/Key West Grunt bite, was on fire! We went out about 7 miles and out the… Read Full Report →

Key West Grunts - The Other White Meat

January 15, 2017

Sunday we went out in perfectly beautiful conditions, but had to move around a lot and fish HARD to get the good tasting fish. I think the full moon slowed the bite down a bit. However, after fishing multiple… Read Full Report →

Persistence Paid Off

January 14, 2017

Went out for a half day trip on Saturday with some recent transplants from up North and loaded up the chest with some tasty seafood. We started out off the beaches but found the bottom too grassy this time.… Read Full Report →

Fatty Flounder

December 27, 2016

Cruised out 7 miles to a shallow reef and found the flounder, still biting. We released all of the fish that the guys wouldn't be able to eat, which were many. Check out the ones we kept: Read Full Report →

Reef Redfish and Flatties

December 15, 2016

A couple from Alabama and I started the day with a run up to the North Beaches and put the smack down on the Trout and Spanish Mackerel. Then, we decided to get out a bit deeper and got… Read Full Report →

Silver Bells...err...Silver TROUT!

December 13, 2016

Went out Tuesday with some great guys from up North, ages 10, 44 and 78! It's started out EXTREMELY foggy, but we navigated our way safely up the coastline and found lots of hungry Sharks. We bounced around a… Read Full Report →

Hammer Time

December 01, 2016

Took out four super cool clients on vacation from Sweden for a very interesting day on the water. The morning was SUPER foggy and only allowed us to see as far as we could cast. Not wanting to venture… Read Full Report →

Umm, is that an OCTOPUS?!

November 28, 2016

The wind kept us from the reefs and closer to shore, but we still caught grips of fish, and a great variety! Lots of Spanish Mackerel, sharks, Key West Grunts, Black Seabass, Mangrove Snapper, and even a surprise octopus! Read Full Report →

Our Vote Was For KINGFISH!!!

November 08, 2016

Went out with 3 guys on Election Day and put the smackdown on the fish. Spanish Mackerel, Bonito, Sharks, Sea Trout, Snapper, and Huge Kings! Read Full Report →

Kingfish Rule!

November 02, 2016

Our 3 guests and I started the day in shallw water south of John's Pass and quickly coolered some tasty species - sheepshead, snapper, trout, etc. But, before long, everyone was ready for some Pelagic activity and so we… Read Full Report →

Raiders on the hunt!

October 29, 2016

Had 3 Raider's fans come into town for the big game against the Buccaneers on Sunday, and went out for a few hours in search of a monster King. And... "Mission Accomplished"! Read Full Report →

First '16 Fall Kings!!!

October 28, 2016

It was a last minute trip where a family on their last day in town, decided to try their luck for some teethy creatures. And, we're glad they did because we hooked up with our first Kings of this… Read Full Report →

Food and Fights

October 26, 2016

Again, our shallow spot paid off - limits of snapper and a fat flounder with plenty of time to move on out a little deeper for some beasts! Sharks are patrolling the hard bottom areas and pigging out on… Read Full Report →

This ain't Arizona!

October 25, 2016

Had the pleasure of taking out Mr. Chuck from Arizona a couple of days ago and had a blast. We started out in shallow water and immediately began putting tasty seafood on ice! Lots of snapper and flounder. Then,… Read Full Report →

Mack Attack!!!

October 21, 2016

Loaded down with gobs of white bait and live shrimp, we started the day off catching flounder, redfish, and mangrove snapper. Later, we ran a mile out from the beach and got into an all out feeding frenzy on… Read Full Report →

Variety IS the spice of life!

October 18, 2016

Loaded with 10 dozen live shrimp and white bait (small fish), we ran south and fished near the beaches again. The 3 of us limited out on Snapper, which were so thick we could literally watch them compete for… Read Full Report →

Ladies Only

October 15, 2016

Had the pleasure of taking out 3 sisters for their get together in Florida. The wind was blowing steady from the East and so we we ran up North to fish some culverts not far off the shore and… Read Full Report →

Half Day, Full Action...

September 08, 2016

Was awesome to fish with a great young family from South Carolina this Thursday and we started slaying as soon as we stopped! Nacho (the elder son) started the action with a sweet Redfish and the rest of the… Read Full Report →

Bye, Hermine!

September 07, 2016

The Tampa/St Pete fishing was shut down for a few days because of Hurricane Hermine, but it's "on" again! Took a couple out this Wednesday and they killed it. We found plenty of really nice Snapper, some fat Key… Read Full Report →

Limits In No Time

August 23, 2016

Took a group from Orlando on a half day trrip and boated a full day's catch! We fished 2 semanate areas several miles off the beaches and were landing snapper after snapper on light lines and live shrimp. The… Read Full Report →

More Snapper and Hogfish!

August 19, 2016

Had the pleasure of taking Chris and Brandon from Ohio out and had a blast. We hit up some reefs several miles out from John Pass (Madeira Beach) and as soon as we found the fish, they found our… Read Full Report →

Great Times and Fish Dinners!

August 12, 2016

A group of 3 hopped on board at 8am and we were at our 1st spot by 9:45. Once we let the fish know we were there (with our thinly sliced sardine pieces for chum), the snapper started getting… Read Full Report →

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