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See Bass, Sea Bass

September 02, 2017

A full day out in Montauk waters yielded tons of fun reel in' in the sea bass. Can't wait for more fun with this group of guests. Read Full Report →

Thursday Surprise

August 24, 2017

Spent the morning with this group of guests in the sunshine. As our trip began to end, reels were screaming and they pulled up a few beautiful striped bass. Read Full Report →

Over 50 Pounds

August 24, 2017

Tonight we reeled in this beautiful bass! It weighted over 50lbs, but our scale maxed out, so e don't have the actual weight. Needless to say, everyone was smiling for the rest of the night! Read Full Report →

Here fishy-fishy-fishy....

August 18, 2017

Had a super time with these three guys out catching sea bass and striper. Cloudy weather made the fishing so good! Come aboard anytime! Read Full Report →

Three Guys and a Big Bad Bass

August 17, 2017

These three guys had a great day reeling in sea bass and a giant striped bass. They will be back for more fun! Tight lines! Read Full Report →

Bass, Bass, & more Bass

August 16, 2017

Great day in Montauk with this group! They had s blast bringing in sea bass and bass! Come aboard anytime for another great adventure with Captain Al! Read Full Report →

Half Day-Full Catch

August 06, 2017

We took out this group for a half-day trip inshore, but ended up with a full-days catch. Great fun! Return anytime! Read Full Report →

Three's Company

August 04, 2017

We left the dock at 5am and reached our limit before most Montauk guests had their morning coffee! Great trip, great weather, great catch, need I say more? Read Full Report →

August Fun In The Sun

August 03, 2017

Great full day trip with this group in from Great Britain! They really enjoyed shark fishing 25 miles off shore as well as reeling in the bass inshore! This trip was definitely all Bout the fish-n-chips!!!! Read Full Report →

Bring Home The Bass!

July 27, 2017

This family had the best Montauk adventure! Even though it was mostly cloudy skies, the spotlight was on the tight lines and spinning reels. Everyone went home with a smile and a fish! Read Full Report →

Bass, Bass & more Bass

July 26, 2017

A wheelbarrow full of bass summed up this trip. The sun finally came out and the Montak waters were full of good catch! Looking forward to your return trip with us! Read Full Report →

Classy Bassy Ladies

July 23, 2017

These ladies enjoyed the Montauk sun and ocean, while fully engaged in an exciting afternoon of bass fishing! We are looking forward to the next great trip! Read Full Report →

Afternoon Catch

July 23, 2017

Funny, friendly and fantastic are words that describe our afternoon trip together. These mates had a blast reeling in the bass! Read Full Report →


July 08, 2017

These guys had a fantastic time reeling in these big boys! We can't wait for another fun-filled day of fishing with this group! Nice job! Read Full Report →

4th of July Stars & Stripers

July 01, 2017

We had a weekend full of STARS & STRIPERS! Out of Montauk was the way to go for this holiday weekend. This group nailed these stripers in no time. We really enjoyed the adventure and this group! Read Full Report →

Weekend Warriors Win Big!

June 10, 2017

There is nothing more complementary to a captain than to have guests repeatedly return for a trip. Our Brooklyn Guests returned for another amazing day in Montauk waters. The fishing was terrific! They went home smiling from ear to… Read Full Report →

Memorial Day Madness

May 27, 2017

We had a great trip with this team in from Brooklyn. They caught so many porgy that we lost count! They had a such a fantastic trip that they booked a return half-day trip before they left the dock… Read Full Report →

The Reason for the Season...BASS

September 22, 2016

Well the season still on at Montauk. Captain Al took this great group of guests out yesterday and came home with dinner for the week. The weather was great, lines were tight and the bite was on! Special thanks… Read Full Report →

Brothers and Sister Blast the Bass

August 28, 2016

This group of siblings had a blast catching fish after fish! The tide was right, the weather was great and this was the perfect highlight to their Montauk Summer stay! Welcome aboard anytime! Read Full Report →

Family Bass Fun

August 27, 2016

This family had a ball! They walked by our yacht and booked us on the spot for an afternoon adventure full of fun and bass! They had great fun and were very entertaining guests! Welcome back anytime! Tight lines! Read Full Report →

Double the fun, Double the bass

August 20, 2016

This group had a great morning run and one of the teens caught his first striped bass! The bass were biting, we sighted a shark and had an overall great time! I look forward to taking them out again… Read Full Report →


August 13, 2016

Had a great time with this group of guests as they achieved their "personal best" reeling in striped bass that were over 50 lbs. each!!! Can't way to for our next adventure! Read Full Report →

TUNA TIME in Montauk, NY!

July 30, 2016

This 16 hour Offshore adventure brought us home a bluefin tuna and two striped bass. The fight was tough, but rewarding as we pulled the 165lb bluefin beauty on the blood-spattered deck. Cooked up that tuna and had a… Read Full Report →


July 29, 2016

We had a trip with this couple! Not only were they very entertaining to have on board, but they were up for a fight! Needless to day, the cloud-cover overhead worked out to their advantage, as they pulled these… Read Full Report →


July 19, 2016

Oh boy did these little guys have a great birthday fishing trip! Dad took them to Montauk for an afternoon of fishing with Captain Al. They "never saw porgy the size of a cat"! They had an unforgettable day… Read Full Report →


July 12, 2016

Another awesome family trip! This adventurous group fished until the sun went down and filled the dock with a full load of hefty striped bass! I have to say "thank you" to them for an awesome trip of laughs… Read Full Report →


July 09, 2016

Fun for the whole family is what this trip was! We got everyone involved in pulling up fish and I have to say I was impressed at their energy and perseverance! They spent the entire day with us after… Read Full Report →