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September sailfish hooknuptoo

September 09, 2020

The team has the whole day out there but already a nuce sailfish for the clients. Read Full Report →

Kids and wahoo are a great combo

September 06, 2020

Nice wahoo bite this am for a smiling group of young kids. Always better than video games Read Full Report →

Day 2 of sailfish, kings and mahi hooknu

August 30, 2020

Spent another nice day with clients on a back to back weekend trip and they had another good day with anothee sailfish release, another big kingfish and a host of other action Read Full Report →

Mixed bag and summer sailfish hooknuptoo

August 29, 2020

A good mixed bag of mahi, kingfish, big amberjack and a sailfish for this crew. Nice people and nice day Read Full Report →

Everyone likes good mahi fishing

August 20, 2020

The mahi gave 3 generations a good time today. Read Full Report →

We catch and cook em on hooknuptoo

July 10, 2020

Beautiful African pompano tastes great when cooked for lunch Read Full Report →

Mahi and sailfish on hooknuptoo

June 22, 2020

beautiful weather, calm seas and big mahi and a sailfish made for a memorable trip for these customers today. Covid doesn't bother the fishibg or our charter Read Full Report →

Anyone want some great mahi fishing

June 18, 2020

the crew had a blast with non stop mahi action today.. who says the afternoon trips aren't as good as the morning? Read Full Report →

Sushi grade big blackfin tuna

June 07, 2020

our June big blackfin tuna and summer Hamilton are here. Come get in on some of the action Read Full Report →

The charter wanted big fish...we got the

May 16, 2020

Just absolutely great fishing today with mahi and lbackfin tuna Read Full Report →

Screw covid. Come fishing

May 12, 2020

The weather is great and fishing us good. Some big kings around and great fishing Read Full Report →

nice wahoo on the cold front hooknuptoo

February 29, 2020

the temps dipped to the cold side this week and fishing got better. finally seeing some dolphin and had this nice wahoo Read Full Report →

beautiful wahoo on hooknuptoo

February 16, 2020

seas were a little rough but managed this nice size wahoo for our clients plus a host of other fish Read Full Report →

double header sailfish

February 07, 2020

took only 30 minutes into today's trip to get 2 sailfish on at one time. we have some real experienced anglers onboard so they hot both of them to the boat and we released them unharmed to swim again Read Full Report →

just a fun crew in hooknuptoo

February 07, 2020

after some great early day sailfishing these guys are onboard from Massachusetts just having fun Read Full Report →

nice king action today

January 30, 2020

the big king fish are back for the winter and some happy clients. February they may is our best fishing of the year so come fish with us Read Full Report →

rough seasbut nice wahoo hooknuptoo

December 27, 2019

it helps to have one of the biggest , most sea worthy and comfortable boats in the fleet on days like today the Christmas week has been a rough seas one but we have fiahed every day when most… Read Full Report →

mutton and king ite hooknuptoo

December 03, 2019

had a great day fishig with sime excellent eating fish today. fishing is at its bestduribg flrida winter month's Read Full Report →

wahoo are here on hooknuptoo

November 26, 2019

the wahoo are starting to show up in better numbers and this morning charter got their shot Read Full Report →

excellent mahi action on hooknuptoo

November 17, 2019

the custoner really wanted some nice mahi today and the fish gods blessed us with sine some excellent early day action. a few hours left in the trip but already a few in the box Read Full Report →

excellent snapper fishing hooknuptoo

October 17, 2019

the troll bit was slow so we decided to go for meat fish and the mutton snapper bite was fantastic. the clients took 10 bags of fresh fillets home. some of the best eating fish you will find Read Full Report →

nice mahi fishing on hooknuptoo

October 06, 2019

finally the wind let up and we had a blast catching fall mahi mahi with some nice blue water close in Read Full Report →

wonderful bimini trip in hooknuptoo

September 27, 2019

made the 4 hour run to bimini and had a great time with a mixed bag if everything on a 3 day charter. blue water and just always great fishing. the clients wanted abbkue marlin but this time is… Read Full Report →

back at it after hurricane

September 07, 2019

fishing has been good after the hurricane with a mixed bag. live to see the little ones catch fish Read Full Report →

nice king action today hooknuptoo

August 27, 2019

had a consistent bite all day with more than enough fish for the 2 guys. should be good fishing all week Read Full Report →

monster tarpon on hooknuptoo

August 16, 2019

mate ricky did some.personal.fun fishing today and landed this monster tarpon Read Full Report →

from spain and wanted a bull shark hookn

August 12, 2019

return group from spain for a second adventure on our boat and they wanted to catch a big shark. took 3 minutes for the shark to bite and one hour for 2 anglers to bring in this estimated 300lb… Read Full Report →

excellent action on mahi and shark for s

August 02, 2019

clients had a blast on mahi and got up close and personal with an 8ft brown shark for our shark week picture opportunity Read Full Report →

smiles and mahi on hooknuptoo

July 13, 2019

love to see the kids have a great time. nice mahi bite today Read Full Report →

just alot of fun hooknuptoo

July 07, 2019

it was all day catching today with excellent botton fishing of snapper, grouper and unfortunately big sharks Read Full Report →

mahi have showed back up

July 05, 2019

after a week of slow mahi fishing this morning started out with 5 in deck by 900 am and the boat will be out there all day chasing them Read Full Report →

good mahi bite on hooknuptoo

June 10, 2019

went deep today to find a nice weedline and some nice mahi. happy customers Read Full Report →

great day catching on hooknuptoo

May 29, 2019

nice ladies has some fun and tasty fish to take back Read Full Report →

weekend huge kings hooknuptoo

May 26, 2019

some big king mackerel showed up over memorial day weekend with non stop action and up to 8 big bones per half day trip Read Full Report →

just great catching hooknuptoo

May 25, 2019

nothing better than the little guys experiencing some awesome kingfish action. non stop on the afternoon trip today Read Full Report →

real big Jack hooknuptoo

May 20, 2019

customers felt a little queasy live baiting sailfish so went inside and was rewarded with a monster Jack cravelle Read Full Report →

100kb plus sailfish hooknuptoo

May 14, 2019

dont see this often if ever. this is one of the biggest sailfish caught in these waters . first thing this morning and topped 100lbs. lots of mahi too Read Full Report →

alot of fish

May 11, 2019

took a bachelor party out for a late afternoon trip and almost the only boat in the ocean and just had a blast. 3 times has 3 fish on at one time and non stop action for 3 hours Read Full Report →

another fishy day for us on hooknuptoo

May 08, 2019

had some great Canadian clients on the boat today and while nothing was huge the action was good Read Full Report →

top spot on 3 boat shoot out hooknuptoo

May 02, 2019

had a 3 boat trip charter today with 2 of our buddy boats and scored the best of the 3 and ended up with a nice sailfish after a few blackfin tuna and some kings Read Full Report →

bigger mahi mahi are here

April 30, 2019

the fishing has been good for lots of action and the bugger mahi mahi are here for the late spring Read Full Report →

always kid friendly and happy times

April 27, 2019

the fishing has been consistent with plenty of memories ri be had by all. cold air conditioning and fish action make for a great day in hot south Florida Read Full Report →

another day another mixed bag hooknuptoo

April 24, 2019

consistent biting all day and this is just part of the catch Read Full Report →

alot of everything today

April 20, 2019

all kinds of action today and just a beautiful Easter Saturday Read Full Report →

nice wahoo bite and blackfins

April 16, 2019

had 2 nice wahoo on today at the same time but only boated one. fishing has been great with a mixed bag of everything almost every day Read Full Report →

great weekend fishing

April 14, 2019

all around mixed bag and alot of catching and fun this weekend. come fish with us Read Full Report →

nice blackfin action today

April 11, 2019

took a cree out from Bangkok and had a blast in blackfin tuna. a mix bag of fish right now but plenty of actuon Read Full Report →

fun day with bachelor crew hooknuptoo

April 05, 2019

these guys went with us before and even with hangover did some nice fishing Read Full Report →

mahi and wahoo action

April 02, 2019

bigger mahi gave starter to move in our area and 3 caught today along with this nice wahoo Read Full Report →

wahoo #2 for the afternoon hooknuptoo

April 02, 2019

the wahoo bite is hot today. #2 in the afternoon trip Read Full Report →

great day of catching

March 30, 2019

some bonita, some mahi and kings. non stop action Read Full Report →

sailfish and tunas

March 23, 2019

bluewater came back and so did the fiah..lost 2 sailfish at the boat rodaybbut boated some tasty blackfin tuna. happy rinse the blackfin show up albeit anlottle late in the spring Read Full Report →

if you want to catch a sailfish now is t

March 14, 2019

this is day 6 if sailfish action and I'd the live baits are in the water the sailfish are eating them..6 days in a row Read Full Report →

another day of great sailfishing

March 12, 2019

day 3 of just a great sailfish bite and happy clients Read Full Report →

early sailfish bite and still fishing

March 11, 2019

didnt take long this morning for the bite to start. 6 hours left in the trip and already a beautiful sailfish. bite has been good up north by Jupiter Read Full Report →

great sailfish bite roday

March 04, 2019

crew saw 5 sailfish, had 3 bites and landed this nice one for a photo opportunity with the angler and returned unharmed to swim again. bite is good so come fish with us Read Full Report →

just spectacular Florida weather and big

March 02, 2019

only a little way into today's trip landed a beautiful cobia. 2 sailfish bites already and 4 more hours left on the trip Read Full Report →

big king for little guy

February 18, 2019

love to see the fish almost as big as the angker Read Full Report →

epic mahi fishing valentines day

February 14, 2019

the winter time mahi really turned on today with 20 plus fish and some as big as 30 lbs. now is the time to get down here and fish Read Full Report →

fun sailfishing

January 13, 2019

we had a break from charters and getting the boat fixed and did some fun fishing. the sailfish were cooperating Read Full Report →

beautiful wahoo bite

December 31, 2018

fished some rough seas today but great reward with a 20lb wahoo and some blackfin Read Full Report →

big mahi are here

December 29, 2018

great mahi bite with this nice 30lb one for dinner Read Full Report →

some excellent blackfin and wahoo fishin

December 23, 2018

had a consistent all day bite of blackfin and wahoo. fishing has been great as we get into the holidays Read Full Report →

nice blackfin and mahi in some rough sea

December 08, 2018

group from new york hung in there in some rough seas to land this nice mahi and blackfin. fishing only gets better as winter arrives so hook now before it gets really busy Read Full Report →

sailfish are here

November 29, 2018

nice sailfish today and some great mahi action..the cold fronta mean the sailfish will start showing up Read Full Report →

day 2 of awesome mahi action

November 23, 2018

the am trip is still out but already 6 nice mahi on the deck. this is the second day in a row the mahi are biting well Read Full Report →

Thanksgiving fun with the maho

November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving morning doesnt get any better un south Florida than this. pays to be one of the only charter boats out on the holiday Read Full Report →

great mahi action

November 04, 2018

the mahi bite was consistent all morning with 5 nice size fish and the biggest around 25lbs. lost a few and the water was crystal blue. the fishing only gets better in the fall so come join us Read Full Report →

just more consistent fishing

October 27, 2018

we continue to be one of the busiest boats in the fleet and consistent fishing as we move into the best fishing season in south Florida. when the troll is slow the bottom fishing has been great. come fish… Read Full Report →

kings and blackfin are hot

October 14, 2018

had the ocean to ourselves today and the blackfin runa and king mackerel were all.ours. 6 blackfin and 4 nice size kings. smiles for everyone Read Full Report →

mahi, blackfin and muttons

October 05, 2018

the ocean was very alive today with non stop acton and 2 blue marlin sighted chasing the tunas we caught. Read Full Report →

women love to fish too

September 22, 2018

the afternoon started out slow but picked up with a few bonita, black fin tuna and a 2 sailfish. Ingrid did a great job on the fish Read Full Report →

crazy afternoon bite

September 21, 2018

some people question the afternoon bite but this says it all. 15 mahi and some blackfin. charter had a blast Read Full Report →

tasty blackfin biting

September 15, 2018

the blackfin made a showing today. while they arent big they sure do taste good. only 2 anglers so they had a blast Read Full Report →

live report. hurricane moved mahi to us

September 14, 2018

15 nice maho in the box already at 1200 today. blue water and flat calm during the north Carolina hurricane. biggest is 30lbs Read Full Report →

new blue deck raises the sailfish

September 13, 2018

live report from the field today. the new blue deck must attract the sailfish Read Full Report →

boat beauty and lobster

September 11, 2018

had 3 days off for once so we took the time to add some fresh deck non skid to the floor for safety and beauty. and also decided to go lobster diving. back out fishing all this week Read Full Report →

some more awesome fishing

August 29, 2018

lots of action today but this huge mutton snapper made the charters day. they dont get much bigger than this in south florida Read Full Report →

just plain fun and see what our clients

August 27, 2018

this crew says it all. if the fish are there we will catch them Read Full Report →

team hook n up making memories

August 18, 2018

another real fun day today and a surprise big cobie for the charter. crushed some big mutton too and all smiles Read Full Report →

today was just spectacular

August 17, 2018

today was catching and not fishing. kids had a blast and lots of blackfin tuna Read Full Report →

today was catching and alot.

August 10, 2018

the troll was slow but bottom fishing was hot. we are always prepared to do all types of fishing. 200lb shark on a spinning reel gave the clients a thrill Read Full Report →

hot days and up and down fishing

August 05, 2018

the summer heat is here and some days the mahi bite has been great and some days just slow. today they found the mahi and went 4 for 6 and these guys had a blast. the afternoon bite has… Read Full Report →

live report July 31st. wahoo bite is on

July 31, 2018

we had the full moon and the wahoo bite is on. plenty of action the last few days and we are one of the only charter boats out today as usual. love having the ocean to ourselves Read Full Report →

fishing had been great and the sailfish

July 28, 2018

the charter really wanted black fin tuna but the sailfish had other ideas. we did manage some blackfin but this fish put on a great show Read Full Report →

all kinds of fish and massive bull shark

July 27, 2018

fishing just has been great the past 2 weeks. trolling and bottom fishing has been excellent. the problem is that we have massive 400 and 500lb bull sharks getting an easy meal. ine guy wanted to catch one and… Read Full Report →

live report big blackfin

July 18, 2018

fishing has been real good and the blackfin here dont get much bigger than these guys Read Full Report →

fun mahi fishing

July 15, 2018

ventured out a little deeper than normal today due to alot of boats but we were rewarded with some nice mahi. fishibg has been real good for the last 2 weeks and we expect calm conditions to continue Read Full Report →

live report 4th of July

July 04, 2018

kings and mahi already this morning . happy 4th of July from hook'n up sport fishing owner john Read Full Report →

7 days non stop action

June 26, 2018

its been some real fun for everyone the last week with non stop action in the morning and afternoon trips . the big summertime bonita finally showed up and they really fight Read Full Report →

alot of action

June 17, 2018

first time offshore with this beautiful lady and the summertime bonita gave her some real fun Read Full Report →

world record candidate fish just missed

June 05, 2018

the igfa all tacke world record bonita is 18.4 pounds caught in Portugal in the 1960s. the charter today landed a monster bonita that just missed the world record by 1 pound. caught alot more fish too. Read Full Report →

wonderful group of people and mahi fishi

June 03, 2018

took a crew for a 40th birthday fishing trip. the bite was a little slow but they had a great time. they ran out of beer so we dipped into the boat stash to help them finish the day… Read Full Report →

epic mahi fishing

May 29, 2018

the pictures tell it all for a great group of Russian and Ukrainian guests Read Full Report →

it doesnt get any better than this. real

May 18, 2018

we might hook 2 or 3 marlin a year down here in palm beach but today was just crazy. had a 500lb blue marlin take a bait and jumped off so the crew was so bummed. but then a… Read Full Report →

mahi, magi and nahi

May 16, 2018

got 4 nice gaffes today and some black fun Tuna. the hook'n up crew has been on fire Read Full Report →

guys wanted sailfish and we delivered as

May 12, 2018

didbt take long to get this beautiful fish today and we let it go to swim another day unharmed. had a few other bites but this is what they wanted Read Full Report →

just pure fun

May 10, 2018

we have had steady days of catching mahi and a variety of other offshore fish for the past few days. and we have nice warm south Florida weather Read Full Report →

live report. big mahi

May 04, 2018

nunber 3 on the day so far. the big mahi are here. come and get them Read Full Report →

wahoo, sharks and a party

April 29, 2018

fishing has been pretty good the last week with a mix of everything to keep our clients bending rods. took a break from fishing to take a whole crew to boca bash for the huge boat party. we like… Read Full Report →

mahi mayhem

April 17, 2018

today the brute was on and hot. 5 nice mahi, raised a sailfish, saw 5 more sails and non stop bites. great for this return customer Jim Rodgers and crew Read Full Report →

mahi are hot

April 13, 2018

this is day number 3 or really nice mahi up to 30lb and sailfish mixed in. this is a live report and they already have 3 of these size mahi on the morning trip Read Full Report →

3rd day in a row with wahoo

April 03, 2018

after a heartbreak 60lb wahoo broke off at the boat yesterday afternoon we caught this one 15 minutes into the morning trip today Read Full Report →

4 Days straight fishing - Tuna and Mahi

March 24, 2018

We have fished almost every day in March and the bigger Blackfin have showed up. We had some nice big weed lines this weekend that produced some decent Mahi as well. When catching Blackfin we need to get them… Read Full Report →

who isn't happy with a sailfish

March 19, 2018

a few big bonita yesterday and then me. sailfish showed up. some more happy customers Read Full Report →

bring the kids, fishing is good

March 03, 2018

we ran 36 trips in February so a little busy to post reports. our mainstay Blackfin tuna finally showed up and we have been consistently catching them along with some sailfish, nice kings and some Wahoo. the big jacks… Read Full Report →

black fin tuna show up

February 21, 2018

finally the black fin tuna have showed up. had some today and broke off a sailfish..acrion is picking up so come fishing . restuarant made fresh fish tacos Read Full Report →

woman angler takes on big barracuda

February 12, 2018

not often do we welcome barracuda but a young woman angler caught a 50lb one today and made for a great pic Read Full Report →

awesome sailfish action

February 10, 2018

not many times to we get 3 sailfish on at one time but today we did with only 2 anglers on the boat. unfortunately all spit the hook before we got them to the boat and total we saw… Read Full Report →

Wahoo and booked schedule

February 07, 2018

our job is to catch some nice fish and the Wahoo just keep cooperating. once one for the crew today and that makes in the last 2 days. schedule is pretty packed because this is the season for south… Read Full Report →

double header wahoo

February 02, 2018

started the day hot with a double header Wahoo and then some nice Blackfin tuna and some nice skip jacks. fishing is hot Read Full Report →

kids wanted guaranteed fish

January 21, 2018

took out a family who just wanted to catch fish but they got a little sick so we cruised the intercoastal but managed a few Bonita. saw a few free jumping sailfish so we know they are out there Read Full Report →

great sailfish action

January 12, 2018

stopped and caught some live bait and wasn't long before the sailfish showed up. ended up with 1 sailfish and a big mahi mahi and happy clients Read Full Report →

late day bite saves the day

December 16, 2017

water was beautifuland conditions perfect but bite didn't turn on until 200 in the afternoonthen a nice Wahoo bite and a few barracuda..had fun with a great, fun set of anglers Read Full Report →

want to catch fish? come with us

November 18, 2017

awesome mahi fishing again today. mahi, black fin and some barracuda. all day Read Full Report →

mahi and more mahi

November 11, 2017

the weatherman was wrong and we were one of the only boats on the water and has the mahi to ourselves. the charter has a blast withbthwae 25lb fish Read Full Report →

crazy mahi action

November 09, 2017

had more mahi on the rods than we had anglers on the boat so it made it real interesting. ended up with 17 mahi for the day and all real nice size. Read Full Report →

trip 6 in a row with sailfish

November 04, 2017

I told the charter we would catch a sailfish and I was right. this fish ate 2 baits so it want getting away. had some mahi too for good eating. the sailfish bite has been great and we have… Read Full Report →

overseas clients had a blast

November 02, 2017

had a great group of Irish and Swedish customers on board with some young kids who just thought these fish were huge. we love putting smiles on kids faces Read Full Report →

double header sailfish first thing in th

October 29, 2017

the rain didn't stop the sailfish bite..this is our 3rd day in a row with multiple sailfish bites this early in the season and the cool weather will probably keep them biting Read Full Report →

sailfish are here

October 25, 2017

what a day the charter had. the cold front came in and the sailfish showed up. 2 sailfish released and some nice mahi and black fin tuna to eat. just a great time roday Read Full Report →

after hurricane mahi

September 23, 2017

double trips this weekend and the customers wanted mahi and that is what we got didn't have to venture far at all to get them. got 8 in 2 trips and the water was crystal blue Read Full Report →

monster Wahoo and double sailfish

September 02, 2017

took 2 separate charters today and what a say it was. the morning started with a monster 60lb Wahoo followed by tuna and a nice sail fish. the the afternoon lit up with a nice sailfish for this 10… Read Full Report →

This is what is called catching!

August 26, 2017

non stop action today with 7 different species of fish and beautiful weather. everyone had a blast and the tiki restaurant cooked the catch right at the marina Read Full Report →

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