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Girl's fishing day

October 17, 2015

A group of british girls organizes a fishing trip for one friend who is getting married. Hen Party on ! As usually they arrive late...very late..... almost midday when we finally get onto the boat. But nevertheless we are… Read Full Report →

Dolphin Fish Season in Barcelona

August 30, 2015

Every year in august Dolphin Fish come to our coasts. You don´t have to travel far out onto the sea as they like feeding very nearby the coast. Once you find them, you may catch them by Trolling or… Read Full Report →

Tuna by Spinning

April 26, 2015

April and May we are fishing Tunas up to 30kg very near by the coast. We see them on the surface, we go after them and then...Spinning ! Catch & Release. Spinning season is only now. In summertime we… Read Full Report →

First Tuna are here now

April 11, 2015

Every year in Springtime the smaller Tuna come feed near the coast of Barcelona. And now they are here ! This one caught by Spinning. Catch & reléase. Read Full Report →

Fishing in Wintertime

February 14, 2015

Fishing in Wintertime at the Barcelona-coast means...16ºC and sunshine ! Look at Nino ( 11 years old ) with the first fish he ever caught. A beautiful Red Sea Bream, about 1,5kg. His mother was so proud of him..............… Read Full Report →

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Tuna by Spinning
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