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Monster Muskies
Monster Muskies
July 1, 2018
Chad Sandy and I just returned from another amazing trip with Marc Thorpe. We have been fishing with Marc since 2005, and every year we are always amazed at how special the fishery is in Montreal! We have seen so many big fish in the net over the years and this year was no exception. We generally spend 4 days in the boat however this year with the 4th of July holiday we were only able to do 3 days. On the first day of our trip it was unseasonably warm, however we had a nice breeze and the fish were very cooperative throughout the day, we boated 8 fish with several in the mid 40’s. The next day we lost our wind and the air temps soared well into the 90’s and it was a grind the entire day. By 3pm we had managed to net 3 fish, and we were starting to question if we should stay on the water or call it day. Marc made the call and we all agreed to grind away at a couple more spots before calling it. At the last spot of the day the Queen of Muskies decided to show up on what was very likely the last cast of the day. The pattern that we put together this day was that the fish were going on bucktails in a very specific size and color made by **hidden content** As we worked the last spot of the day the Queen of all Muskies decided that she wanted to eat at boat side! After 13 years of fishing the Ottawa and St L with Marc and Chad, I’m ecstatic to join the ranks of those that have boated 58” in the years past! With water temps in the mid 70’s and Air in the 95+ we got a couple of great shots both out of and in the water. The next morning my luck continued, in the first couple of casts of the day using the same Handlebarz Bucktail we boated a very nice 51”, and later that afternoon on the same bait I boated another 51”. For me personally this was certainly my best trip based on the length of the fish that I caught, however over the years Chad and I have had several trips that yielded multiple fish in the 51” to 58” class. Muskie fishing is a ton of work regardless if you are with a guide or going at is solo, however If you’re looking for an opportunity to spend time on water that has fish up to 58” I would highly recommend that you reach out to Marc. I can promise you that he will push you to fish harder than you thought possible, but in the end you will thank him when you’re holding that fish of a lifetime! Thanks Marc.
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