Bonito and tuna

June 12, 2015 by Antonio Lamarque

Trip Info


Went out at 7am for a full day fishing trip.. Weather was nice, some wind and current.. few hour out we met the first school of fish, but the fish did not bite, continued our way out and met another school of bonito ones again when we arrived the fish dived..but just some minutes after we met another school of fish and were able to catch some bonitos, a skipjack and a yellow fin, unfortunately one line broke. Then continued trolling with the artificial lures for big ones. In the afternoon we came closer to the coast and put a dead bonito on the down rigger willing to catch a shark or a dogtooth tuna…after an hour it was time to go back home,,,,the shark came but was a small one or not so hungry..he took only half of the bonito..It was a nice day out

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