Tuna Frenzy Video and Photos!!!
June 27, 2015 Boca Chica 9 photos

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Experience another amazing day of Yellowfin Tuna feeding frenzies in the Gulf of Chiriquí with us at Propiedad de Paradise Lodge, Panama!! June 1, 2015 about 5 miles from Isla Montuosa, on our boat the "TOP Cat", we came across a massive area of Porpoises and Yellowfin Tunas that had a few different kinds of bait fish balled up and were feeding on them at the surface. Watch as I filmed three different frenzies we came across that afternoon and hooked up into some nice fish! What an experience! Only in Panama!!! The link to the video is here.... Capt. Shane Jarvis Propiedad de Paradise Lodge Isla Paridas, Panama
Shane Jarvis
Boca-chica, Panama
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Marlin on a Stella & YFTs! - June 2016
Marlin on a Stella & YFTs! - June 2016
June 30, 2015
We were pretty busy here at Propiedad de Paradise Lodge the past few weeks. We fished a total of 16 days on the TOP Cat, hosted 4 really awesome groups, and had 2 day charters from our private island lodge here in the heart of the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama. The Yellowfin Tunas were still around in big numbers but unlike first week of June the Tunas were not up in feeding frenzies and eating everything we pitched at them. The bite slowed down a bit and the weather got a bit sloppy. We had to work for our fish as the Porpoises were keen to the boat traffic and were a bit shy. The fish were not up feeding on the surface and readily nailing live baits/poppers as usual this time of year. And with the sloppy weather it made it more difficult to put eyes on the fish moving with the Porpoise pods. Even though we had couple of tough days...we kept at it, found the fish, and got a few nice ones! We got some BIG fish on our Shimano spinning reels/rods!!! Tab Butler put the heat on a 150# Yellowfin Tuna with our Shimano Saragosa 25000/Terez rod setup. And, check out the pics of the #350 Black Marlin Rooney Maynard caught on a Shimano Stella spinning reel matched with a Terez rod one day at Hannibal Bank! Also got a couple of good photos of what must of been a Galapagos Sea Lion off Isla Montuosa right before an awesome feeding frenzy/father and son double header Tunas! Enjoy the pics... Capt. Shane Jarvis Propiedad de Paradise Lodge Isla Paridas, Panama
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