Ambition report 9th.April'18

April 21, 2018 by Ivan Bennett

Trip Info

The Catch
Marlin (Blue)
Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)
Marlin (Black)
Marlin (Striped)
Tuna (Yellowfin)

[caption id=“attachment_1709” align=“alignleft” width=“225”] Dan’s Yellowfin[/caption]

Yellowfin Tuna -  after seeing a couple of Longliners coming into port yesterday I thought I’d give the Yellowfin tuna a shot. I planned to head out wide to where the charts were showing a good temperature break then search along it.
As luck would have it I found an area of bird activity and saw a couple of showers of Sauries. I spent some time working the area ultimately raising the ‘fin we caught. Dan fought the fish hard for nearly an hour eventually and to his great relief bringing it to the boat.
I heard reports on the radio of a couple of boats raising Marlin out from Browns so headed off in that direction. On the way I noticed a small boat, a Carribean I think, fighting a fish and there were heaps of birds in the area too.

Dan who has eyes like an eagle spotted a Marlin tailing. I went right past it several times but it kept turning away from me. After working the area for a while we had raised two Striped Marlin that did what they do best by just playing with the lures. Then finally a Blue came in from the side and crashed the Brad ‘J’ behind my teaser, it also did what Blues do best by trying to spool us - it failed !!!
This is all boding well for the ‘Sydney Game Fishing Club’s tournament next week-end

So with Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin even a couple of Blacks found through the week-end. Not to mention the Yellowfin and Mahi Mahi all in attendance nor the prizes and trophies. You best come on down…

So that was the day. ..

Tight lines,

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