We found it !! the Reef !!!
July 23, 2015 Punta Cana 5 photos

Trip Summary

The inshore Fishing in Punta Cana were among the pioneers in doing it, but last year we had a drastic change in the number , size, and conditions in which they were captured . last season we reduced the number of catch and release other than by reason of global warming had many sargassum and this made ​​us more difficult catches. after a year inshore fishing we learned a lot of the behavior of inshore species , such as: time that like you rise to the surface , frencuentas types in different parts of the coast of Punta Cana and Cap Cana . Yesterday we went with the client and Mr. j Caz was something great, we had over 35 releases ofdifferent species from from 2-6 pounds . the migration of the species was over 3 km from where we were doing before the big fishing.
Atlántida Punta Cana
Punta-cana, Dominican Republic
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