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Monsters on the flats!

August 09, 2015 by Mo Estevez

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Simon and his son Sonray from Norway jumped aboard as part of a two boat shark fishing trip. The sharks showed up right away but were hard to get to eat. Well, not all of them! We were able to sigh cast to a 3 1/2 footer which was Simon’s first shark (they don’t have sharks in Norway). Simon was kept busy by a 3’ shark that stayed around the bow of the boat trying to eat our chum as his job was to pull the chum away before the shark could eat it. A bit later a bigger shark moves in and we sight cast to it and he ate. Oh boy, the ride was on! The shark Simon hooked was a big 6 1/2 footer on a permit rod (12lb class rod with 30lb braid), oh, oh! An hour and a half later Simon lands the huge shark on light tackle, got some quick pics and off we went back to the marina out running a storm that was worsening right behind us. Wow, what a way to end a Sunday afternoon!

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