Tarpon Tango

April 03, 2016 by Mo Estevez

Trip Info

The Catch

AM Report Today was the second consecutive day with two charters per day and once again we started off before daybreak with Jake, Jared and Jake from New Hampshire and Boston aboard before they hopped on their cruise to the Bahamas. Spot number one resulted in zero Tarpon activity although I was marking them on the Raymarine. We switched it up and caught some sea trout before changing spots. The last part of the day they ended up catching a few more fish and losing a big spinner shark at the very end. PM Report My afternoon trip was with Scott from Maryland. Last year Scott had booked me for a half day in the afternoon on Sunday and a full day on Tuesday and it was pure tarpon fishing the e tire time so now becoming a tarpon junkie that was the primary goal for Scott. We hit one tarpon spot and that’s the only one we needed to fish because at that spot Scott hooked, fought and landed a 130 pound tarpon to replicate what transpired last year. Scott did a great job fighting this fish bowing to the fish every time it jumped and after an almost hour-long fight we got it to the boat for some nice pictures and a sweet goodbye.

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